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Organization of Occupy Wall St.

Friday, Oct 21, 2011 - 02:18

Oct. 21 - The organizational structure of the ''Occupy Wall Street'' protest is simple, yet detailed with stations for food, health, and other needs as demonstrators occupy a park in downtown Manhattan for just over a month. Jill Bennett reports.

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As the "Occupy Wall Street" movement enters its 5th week in Lower Manhattan, many protesters have settled in to their self-assigned roles to help cater to the basic needs of protesters. Protester Keaton Weiss: SOUNDBITE: KEATON WEISS, OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTESTER (ENGLISH) SAYING: "They seem to have done a really good job making it a surprisingly livable place. There's food, there's a medical tent, a library, cell phone charging stations. It really is getting to be a self-sustaining thing." The jobs within the park have also helped create a sense a community. Pauly Kastora serves as a medic at the clinic. SOUNDBITE: PAULY KASTORA, STREET MEDIC AND OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTESTER (ENGLISH) SAYING: "As a medical clinic within this occupation we take responsibility for everybody here. We have a team of doctors and nurses and community health workers and everything. We are actually developing strategies to deal with epidemics and everything that might come out of any large group of people just like any city." Other protesters cook and dish up hot food in the kitchen station; a librarian organizes the books at the library station and a sanitation group organizes recycling efforts and keeps the area clean. Lauren Digioia, organizer of the Sanitation Working Group: SOUNDBITE: LAUREN DIGIOIA, ORGANIZER OF SANITATION WORKING GROUP, WALL STREET PROTESTER (ENGLISH) SAYING: "Right now we are trying to bag everything so that it can be taken somewhere to be clean. We are folding up all the tarps that we have so that they can be stored and redistributed on a nightly basis." After sparking protests nationwide and globally on October 15th, the movement faces some fresh challenge - one from Mother Nature herself. John Nelson, Group Liaison: SOUNDBITE: JOSH NELSON, GROUP LIAISON, WALL STREET PROTESTER (ENGLISH) SAYING: "We're working on developing a rotational system so that we can maintain a presence in the park throughout winter without everybody actually having to stay here because staying out in the elements throughout the winter full-time is not really feasible from a safety standpoint." Next on the calendar: organizers have started to talk about Bank Transfer Day, a November 5th action for supporters to withdraw funds from big banks in favor of credit unions. While down around Wall Street, protesters continue to fine tune the working infrastructure for a movement that has gone well beyond its borders. Jill Bennett, Reuters

Organization of Occupy Wall St.

Friday, Oct 21, 2011 - 02:18

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