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WEF India Economic Summit

How technology can save us

Monday, Nov 14, 2011 - 04:21

Nov. 14 - Businesses need to transform themselves to succeed despite the globe's economic stresses, says N. Chandrasekaran, CEO of Tata Consultancy Services. Here's how technology can help them do it.

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-- -- Campaign issue in the world economy. Is uncertainty in year. How much. A problem -- that unfavorable. Since that being you know he's a field. And it's one of the hockey. Debated topics -- you go to a reading about it. And if you cut it here it's going particularly Warren. And all the businesses I don't know what are. -- recognized that from their record it there. Laps and just uncertainty deciding not. -- -- The fact that you have to live in this uncertainty and that's politically process for the next few years. Mean what recession and slow recovery. Does it mean I mean to my point to -- might you reduce it is who's -- -- a little -- But. You know that are different views. I'm -- economists to be number two pretty it's hard to predict or you know there's so much debated in the lost and wrong script. Don't read it W a moment. So it doesn't let. Fundamentally point is that. That are Foundation's development group -- More difficulties than others. Since you don't connect -- there's going to be impact. Some parts of the water and some businesses that would have would have barred them. And others and each of these businesses could drop it lands fully knowing that the companies would be so that's the point. I'm from what was in the sport if you not only for the get -- -- all for my company. Acknowledged he would support. I believe has that worked in democratic process. And what. Because. The -- Cody. He's going to send him. People are transforming themselves. Booked in domes of the cost to us on -- -- -- this thing and creating new growth opportunities. All of those things. On what it department for example. Many companies indeed in in consumer groups yes. Going to depend on. Digital technology. In order to be overcome that something -- So that they can create new business more to stop any need to and a unique consumer product. They are working on different. Because they want -- understand the consumer which consume anything before or. What can this help. And that is that. An opportunity. But any -- company. And you have pools for the health services that -- parks. And so my belief is that. The technology companies. Have to play the rule of partner. With a different industries in different markets this corporate -- that's not a traditional. How -- government and that -- -- -- to be transformed. -- -- In India eagle owns these that he DB -- Goldman has caught. Some producers -- different it is it to -- What more politics. In addition to that. The hole. And pollution problem TV what -- before beating people. -- -- -- -- And -- Incumbents this of the primary. And their lives have we council. And all of these would happen with a significant. Influence. On the use of technology that opportunity. And -- Some offered his amendment and other imaging market somewhat producers haven't developed markets depending on the type of solutions that protect. The colemans and it would also we -- you -- to look through changes because the videos -- You do it then that this stuff the cards pretty. Even in developed nations most of those solutions they have is based on legacy technology. You can do war. You don't association to distance America. Per day because so what.

How technology can save us

Monday, Nov 14, 2011 - 04:21

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