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Spotify makes ‘radio’ play

Friday, Dec 09, 2011 - 03:04

Dec. 9 - The popular digital music service announces it's launching a new Spotify Radio application, while Twitter reveals its latest update at LeWeb in Paris. Matt Cowan reports.

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The digital music service Spotify has announced another new update to its service. Speaking at LeWeb in Paris, the company's founder and CEO Daniel Ek revealed that it's launching an app that reworks a fairly familiar concept. SOUNDBITE: Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO on stage saying (English). "So what we're announcing today is that we've built a radio app on top of our platform." The new update which allows unlimited skipping of tracks comes just a week after the launch of Spotify apps. SOUNDBITE: Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO saying (English): "Our New York engineering team built radio on top of Spotify. I was playing around with the product a few weeks ago and said 'holy shit' this will totally change the game as well because it's been one of the biggest requests that people have been asking for but we didn't really feel we could do it great and if we don't feel we could do something great we won't do it, but the team really nailed it on top of this platform and I've been discovering so much music over this past two weeks it's truly been amazing." Technology journalist Leo Laporte says he thinks it will help Spotify make further inroads in the U.S. market where it launched in July. SOUNDBITE: Leo Laporte, Technology Journalist, saying (English): "By doing this, Spotify really covers the waterfront in music use. It's a huge deal for them to do this." Sean Parker has played a key role in the a number of disruptive technology companies beginning with the peer to peer file sharing site Napster. He was Facebook's founding President and now is an investor and enthusiastic backer of Spotify. SOUNDBITE: Sean Parker, Spotify Investor, saying (English): "It wasn't until 2011 that any service even approached the ease of use and immediate gratification and speed and responsiveness of Napster. That experience of having the world's music at your fingertips instantaneously and being able to see what your friends are listening to, that was not being provided by any of the existing music companies. Pandora is a radio product. Now we have a radio product and that's a piece of the puzzle but the part that wasn't getting executed, largely because the licensing with the record companies was so difficult was the part that we went and built with Spotify." Twitter too has made major changes. Ryan Sarver heads up the platform team. SOUNDBITE: Ryan Sarver, Twitter Director of Platform saying (English): "We're all super-excited about it at Twitter. It was a whole company effort that really culminated in this great new launch, a new version of Twitter. And the two major focus areas. One is around simpler, faster and easier Twitter and two is around the discovery bubbling up of all this great content that's happening around Twitter on a daily basis and getting that in front of users and the stuff we know they'll really like." However, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber tweeted that he's yet to make sense of it. SOUNDBITE: Ryan Sarver, Twitter Director of Platform saying (English): "Yeah I saw that. It was actually a really good tweet. He said 'Hey NewTwitter, give me time but I'm a little confused right now. We'll win him back." There was a time when successful companies could boast 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'. Turns out, that model had its own flaws…now continual iteration is the new norm. Matt Cowan, Reuters.

Spotify makes ‘radio’ play

Friday, Dec 09, 2011 - 03:04

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