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Chrystia Freeland

Why the global economy will not affect India

Monday, Dec 19, 2011 - 03:03

Nov. 14 - Tulsi Tanti, the chairman and managing director of Suzlon Energy, sits down with Chrystia Freeland to discuss the global economy and how India will not be affected like European countries have been.

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Thank you can't -- I think it's mechanism. So these are very volatile times for the world economy. Impact on India and what impact on your business. I think global economy is now his passing through to stimulate system gone completely consistent -- The stimulative and I don't seem to do and keeps its distance in the global economy. He's been common in the paint and slowly convinced him nicely composed and Cuttino component okay. You're not scared by you know I'm not scared by the V you don't because. It's not the only Begin to you know one or two country within the whole global empire that is so many countries -- -- into the some difficulties. It's not Minsk because of that the whole system can be -- and we cannot import that. Even the US economy has taken some mean bank in 2009. And a beam intensity and complete system to pick another thing. I think you can walk around there to bring you more and more than anything because one could lead -- cannot be. Good for the other part of keyboard so it it should equate to more stability in watched instantly and I don't see. That produced this video IE -- on just you know point of view. So that is the equally -- then you see the global economy in papers polluting industries on a little country. I don't see that much -- make is coming and nobody could mean with the and you would think that particular. And particularly in cabinda energy sectors the that they don't need and give -- -- different immediately hit. Only the country and yet -- go to global economy. Although -- -- -- that debt financing. For these types of but he can take this mortal and it can be more curled. So that is the only break is coming second is the cost of phone has a good case. So because of that economics of defrauding quietly pieces from the video hits that he views so that is -- giving get the motivation for the -- to investment and other things. That is the media on patrol when -- come on me and my point of its opinion that he continuous that it is now. In European market that is the thing. -- coming to that emerging economy market making their chain abruptly so Topeka and Mexico. Did that energy demand requirement is quite different is that. And they need more energy and the can -- -- -- for Green missed one on the skeptics. Say and -- that -- too is it's quite care. Grueling and can be demolished community and it. -- not it's a two different. -- try to at least it.

Why the global economy will not affect India

Monday, Dec 19, 2011 - 03:03

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