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German data boosts euro

Sunday, Jan 08, 2012 - 03:29

Jan. 9 - Strong German trade numbers give the single currency a temporary lift, traders say the currency remains vulnerable to European debt concerns.

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The unit was up a cent from a sixteen month low against the -- lifted by strong German exports. While mideast tensions continue to lend support to oil prices this is trading at twelve the market pulse. Okay let's kick off with the you know joining me for a cool solution now what's behind today's rebound and joins us FX analyst -- Camilla. -- two fighters seem to be driving the Ohio today as I mentioned the strong German exports also there's record short position on the Iron Man. How far as the spartans got. Jenny -- we should mention -- mr. I Angela Merkel me -- up codes which was willful act we have no surprise to us. But it's -- to sign Thomas whose side he's on imposition massive so everybody shall be heroes we've -- it will move up -- close this morning and I. So they think should I go on to Hong Kong Singapore around the area. This stops was squeezed in and on the some macros flying back with but I also want when he said nice and able good sellers between 12790. Once when he right but they got. So let's just -- that and in real good Seles coming back again once when he makes that you want to me -- six they want to react to halt his -- at -- going. Essentially. People trade their positions but underneath it'll people still wanting to keep. A cool show your position -- assembly seems that we haven't and that's how soft Iron Man 150000. National contracts -- also worth mentioning this money -- German bill -- six month bills. But when paid a negative. Interest -- a negative view of the first thing about. What ethics guys telling you about not -- -- when he came out the -- -- came down about twenty or thirty points of the initial reaction was negative he just pleasing to the fact that for all the hype over land and news. -- nothing's changed in base this. Looking for retail and all of their capital not return on their capital and peak at the -- delight to vigilant -- And finally let's take -- look -- the atrocities the -- -- You know you and possess a cop had just happened a comprehensive health. It's absolute hell for the Japanese exporters. All their option related strategies are getting knocked that each to only go -- a big figure on the downside in Europe get its leading -- 98. On the -- you hedging on the other solid eurozone exporters. Every heaven and in that -- on the -- European -- he's been looking in August 7 year Aggies competitive advantage against the Japanese counterpart these. Then it's great news. You know Swiss. We notice and be have a photo at 120 on you know Swiss. And it seems to be the most obvious by -- -- don't get -- -- one buying today saying by the bus stop the rule at 11998 as at any point in hot asphalt. Blogs and if you go to stop along the hunting on telling the slippage on that stop loss if he gets hit. He's so right. The you're gonna get done anyway it's gonna be he's going to be what but the point is yes it's an obvious right if you believe the -- and he's gonna hold it and so far. They haven't been -- -- thank you very much. I'm finally on its oil the threat of supply disruptions from ongoing tensions between Iran and the west continue to support Brent crude oil futures. -- is down slightly on the date but -- once again are performing WTI and it didn't just holding above the 200 day moving average. Its longest one above that key technical support for two months. Well what today's market pulse join me at noon GMT every weekday for your daily fix of the market pulse I'm -- give them this is going to.

German data boosts euro

Sunday, Jan 08, 2012 - 03:29

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