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Romney gains among Republicans: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 - 02:18

Jan. 11 - According to the January 2012 Reuters/Ipsos poll, 30 percent of Republican voters would vote for Mitt Romney, up from only 18 percent in December.

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Obama fares. Pretty well -- this poll actually he his closest competitor among Republicans is a leading Republican Mitt Romney at the 4843. Race. I'm against Santorum and Ron Paul Obama wins comfortably Mitt Romney continues to do will nationwide. He is that the 30% among Republicans with. Newt Gingrich it when he. The caveat in this poll is that the polling period was January 5 through the ninth. And so and that the hubbub over Bain Capital and whether Romney is an elitist and all these allegations coming from fellow Republicans oddly enough. That occurred in about the middle this polling period so you get it at all polls are snapshots. And you do hear it a little bit of an effect here from -- probably but probably not the full impact. Gingrich did really. He's the second most popular candidate. Among Republicans scored 20% compared Romney's thirty. However when it comes to pulling on the nationwide basis. He is the worst Republican. When matched up against Obama it's 5338. Race according to our -- -- suggests. Pretty strongly. That Gingrich has some very high negatives and that there's a ceiling for him in terms of a national Ron Paul compared to Barack Obama. Is 4840 wind it's a little bit surprising. That some people it. That he would fare that well -- national race against Obama what we've seen in in with Ron Paul get some theories as strong solid core of support. Among among Republicans he has some national appeal because of the libertarian. Views he has he benefit some quiet. From not having as much negative. Publicity against perhaps as. Richard Rick Perry and Obama's approval ratings are still only 47% approval and 49% disapproval. That's pretty steady and it's not good. Generally speaking Americans are not particularly happy. But lately. Obama has been looking like it better choice. And any of the Republicans as the Republicans have been fighting one another. In their primary.

Romney gains among Republicans: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 - 02:18

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