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Trading at Noon: Wall St. rises after claims data

Thursday, Mar 01, 2012 - 03:23

March 1 - U.S. stocks rose extending this year's near-uninterrupted rally as investors jumped on recent momentum.

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Checking on trading in we've got Green arrows across the board at that couple back a little bit after we had a mixed bag and economic data construction spending fell for the first time in six months. Outside manufacturing data that was worse than expected that that take a look at and the major indexes are still up and continuing mr. rally into march. Pump -- the matter we've got financials they are within 1%. Ben Bernanke is speaking again today but it's funny looking gold buyers -- rebounding and it would investors tempted. I yesterday I percent priced ones are the biggest one day drop since October 2008. After the Fed Chairman gave no hints at work on -- he evening. It's pretty accurate and getting after gaining half percent yesterday expert at night. Data showing modest growth in the US economy which raised hopes for increased. Last year was a brutal one for hedge fund managers with the average. 5%. But print though as you did do well they were rewarded richly rewarded. According to a new Forbes magazine's -- the top forty highest earning managers took home come mind. Thirteen point two billion dollars up ten guys and they were on and each raked in more than 200. Million dollars topping the charts with -- -- nine dollars. Three million dollars raid value oversees the world's biggest head and Bridgewater associates. -- happened on the -- split. The world famous -- managers John Paulson. Phil Falcone who both made billions betting against subprime had. Half -- last year. So we shopping a lot of the gap and Victoria's Secret in the unseasonably warm winter weather we've been having. I've -- that you weren't alone excluding drugstores retailers -- he wrote about six point 4% growth in same store sales. Among the biggest stars as teen -- uncle target office handing out and even the gap which shoppers in shining lately. Delivered as buyers spent freely for full price spring merchandise that sketch. Less impressive well we had like -- which has won just keep chains reported declining sales. Weekend shoppers. People -- aren't just. Shopping at the -- turns -- major automaker sold more cars in February looks like drivers need to replace aging vehicles and also get these high gas prices even saying there's a growing demand for smaller more fuel efficient vehicles. Chrysler's sales up 40% from last February. -- up 14%. GM clocking in at one point 1% gain as well out there and decline. Some hot stocks to watch for it now shares of program and into the -- that -- more than 2%. The biggest US supermarket chain reported quarterly loss to -- it consolidation of some union and while the company's profit rose. Shares of tennis are also well and it's flat out at an up earlier. And as far as fiscal third quarter earnings of 53%. Lower demand pushed down telecommunications equipment providers sales. Prompting a cautious current -- well -- And finally shares of caterpillar down. Here. Caterpillar plant that takes sole ownership of its Japanese joint venture in second quarter after partner Mitsubishi heavy industries. Agreed to share redemption plan worth. About 450. Million dollars a suffocating and I'm John Rogers that this partners.

Trading at Noon: Wall St. rises after claims data

Thursday, Mar 01, 2012 - 03:23

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