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Trading at Noon: Greece, economy worries hit Wall Street

Tuesday, Mar 06, 2012 - 02:38

Mar. 6 - Wall Street fell on concerns that Greece and private bondholders may not meet a looming deadline to complete a debt swap.

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Checking in on trading at noon it's Super Tuesday and the US and that means top Republican candidates are duking it out for the presidential nomination in ten states. Lot of political action continues the action equities is mostly negative with the red arrows across the board. Investors are concerned that -- -- private bondholders may not -- looming deadline to complete debt swap. The resulting default cost more than one point three trillion dollars according to an estimate -- on -- group. Material and financial shares are reacting to the flare ups in Europe pushing S&P 500 index down at this hour. Gold prices also -- more than 2% today with the dollar firming up on Greek jitters in oil prices are down at Washington and its allies tighten the screws on -- Over its nuclear program. Getting a -- for that house you've always -- it may now be just a little easier on you while. The White House announced today that it is slashing costs and FHA insured mortgages making -- cheaper loans available for over three million dollars. Those using the streamline refinance program can tap into -- -- athlete he backed loans. We outgoing through some of the more stringent guidelines that had to meet locking into new loans -- challenging. -- some stocks to watch years that he went to the downside more than 5%. The automaker will pay 423 million dollars for 7% stake in Asia the alliances is 98 the company's at least two million dollars. And shares of apple also just a little bit here. Barclays Capital is raised its price target on the stock company is expected to ten users tomorrow with the launch of the new forgy a quick. Three veteran advisors from Merrill Lynch and you are jumping ship -- to Chicago based brokerage firm hightower advisors. Kind of Hoffman Richard Steinberg and relax and management one point four billion dollars in assets at Merrill. Former clients include foundations. Pension plans -- unions and family. And working with families -- any wealth manager -- had its own challenges -- especially when it comes to variances. Which is why the latest addition to the mediation table along with accountants stock brokers and lawyers. Is psychologists. When it comes to inheritance is money managers I have to keep families from imploding and they need more than just spreadsheets and stock charts to do that they need. Shrinks to deal with all the emotional issues according to a study by the Williams -- between 65 and 75% of families. Fail in the transition of money from one generation the next yet there because of our planning where by losing -- harmony in the process. That's opportunity and I'm Jen Rogers this is writers.

Trading at Noon: Greece, economy worries hit Wall Street

Tuesday, Mar 06, 2012 - 02:38

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