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Lipper Awards 2012

2012 Lipper Awards: How the winners were chosen

Friday, Mar 09, 2012 - 02:03

Mar. 9 - Jeff Tjornehoj, head of Americas at Lipper says many of this year's winners manage relatively small funds and that the best performers successfully adjusted their investments according to volatility.

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-- -- funds awards ceremony being held in New York this week let's find out how some of these award winners were chosen from bad. I'm in -- statement Jeff Tjornehoj he is head every surged for a liver America accepted at the end. So you've been doing this now for several years what is it how do you have the methodology that determines who wins. Our methodology is based on our consistent return operating it is on risk adjusted return so it's a very. That allows investors and advisors stuff. Understand the source is a return and make sure that we're not compensating simply too much more on the -- they don't deserve some it takes too little -- too much. We look for the right balance and we're looking for the best of those -- And -- in the surprises when you started to put the list together for this year. Well we saw a lot of very small managers summit just a few dozen million under management so very tiny asset managers also some very large -- represented but it's not the case that only the biggest and the best. Are only the largest ones are recognized where. And ambivalent as to the size of the firm wanna show with what the best funds were regardless. Where they are in the industry. What aspect this interesting about the awards is their new risk categories which means even in very volatile market. There are out performance across the board. What about these individual strategies that says something fun that it is apart they can perform regardless of whether -- markets moving again. This team we've heard over and over is not risk -- managers got risk aware managers say they're not trying to do something that's outside their expertise they wanna keep an eye on volatility and wanna make sure they're providing an appropriate level of returns for investors but they're not the ones to get carried away. And look into the look at market volatility is something that they need to. Time to harness rather their aware of beds and they're going to. And -- strategy appropriately in light of market situations. Jeff Tjornehoj thanks so much.

2012 Lipper Awards: How the winners were chosen

Friday, Mar 09, 2012 - 02:03

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