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Breakingviews: No sign of BP’s promised strategic changes

Monday, Apr 02, 2012 - 04:28

April 2 - After the Gulf of Mexico disaster in April 2010 BP promised strategic change, which excited investors. Two years on there is little evidence of them delivering those changes say Reuters Breakingviews.

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Right today's topics and Roy -- -- TV's gonna talk about BP. Promising change whether it's delivered we're gonna talk about free -- -- have become the next a year should be given charms. Says breaking views on the DBS purchase -- -- data on. Is the big story out of Asia with me is Robert -- -- you rubber molding and two years after promising change -- BP coming production. Well it's cycle attentive I think is the dike that it's. The well Lou that's two years ago now. I'm candy for all of us debt. The united here at BP had -- -- an accident to handle -- -- -- The ramifications of that. It then relatively quickly said -- we're gonna change in -- -- got to stop playing this sprawling. Relatively east you know it's Mazda six local market on fat but you know a big producing. Major. And I actually would Exxon's investors caught significantly -- suggestion is gonna come. Well if -- smaller than he'd done it concentrates on finding fuel oil and Montana on and it's that's justice and in place. It may be too soon to start really sort of picking holes aid in the management I'm not delivering but you know be nice to see. It will be nice that -- -- site the time of the the two year anniversary which is a -- so why. You know there was a bit more evidence that today will delivering on the a small number of of Thai temple productive and profitable project. All right. Three on any time you your point here is whoever becomes the next year deserves a chance not on a strategy know what what's the danger ahead that they deserve to be given that sounds. I deservedly having you know this is this is something of you guys story. And but I think resonates. Around the world we will have to there's three guy -- Full did not devote a fun as a salute. Nationalized investment industry. -- privatized in 1990. Had a fantastic 1990s. And early part of the -- It's really really on the fold. And and in the last the few years maximum discount. Tonight taxes value. -- investors and -- -- -- lost that lost the chief executive now it said that this is unrelated but Michael -- he's been the company for long time actually did a lot of good -- to -- And it's just time for him to retire but. The absence the the the gulf for the top that open -- -- cut temporary. Is given the sort of activist investors. Penalties come out and starts. Creating a bit of a -- and there are some reports over the weekend. That unit through. Three I must get its act together must close this discount must prove that it is -- access manager of these private equity access. All -- will be wound up I'm not -- YE -- the activist investors to close this discount we say look -- kite. We have three doesn't have a great deal to -- about but the new chief he's active whoever that is at least Begin this disaster I'm gonna it was. And then big story major -- and as the DBS touchdown on -- you'd like this story attack and viewed there's times that yeah obviously is that the risks seem to be in Aden. The operations of these two banks. The prophet seemed to be that the -- say cut the unit that Singaporean yeah I said well fond. I've and it seems to have the problem of a very nice deal I mean I -- my sense -- well. Did yes the suitable place Glenda. These buying the Indonesian rifle. That will gave up they get back to regional. A bank -- -- access to cheap funding etc. such. This should be some synergies. To be -- but the terms of the deal as we see them seem to have the tennis that people love. -- -- -- -- -- OK very good Robert many thanks to that Robert -- write your we'll tell you let's bring you showed -- study Easton seventeen Ceci. From a sixteen Tony is it says that GMC. Every -- you find it on Reuters dot com you can find on the breaking news website as well. -- problems is --

Breakingviews: No sign of BP’s promised strategic changes

Monday, Apr 02, 2012 - 04:28

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