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Market Pulse: Spain under fire as investors shun bond sale

Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012 - 03:28

April 4 - A poorly received Spanish bond auction highlights negative sentiment towards the weaker euro zone economies.

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Strained back and a fine line poorly received phone auction on the line negative sentiment. Towards the Euro zone's weaker economy stocks and the Europe take a hit. -- -- This is today's market pulse. Let's get to -- one race strategist at Lloyds bank wholesale banking on markets not -- come Spanish yields rising. Pretty sharply of the U -- must put more pressure from the government's push is a certain sort. Absolutely I think -- that's been the the central coast for a little while now. And the government source eagle I was a woman's hands to go to realize his ambitions. Things you implementation risk is still a still okay and -- the without. Growth coming through the market is is running worried about judgment translational and often -- fiscal package. What are the team that notion of fortune -- It is -- that aren't as bad as some affairs. -- again nothing in the outlook is that is still and so on with the coast of Portugal. That zone in terms of magnitude. Money involved this all these years of -- than maybe the -- playing with the nothing that we all seeing from European leaders is a degree assault of solidarity. With adults to Portugal this morning -- he ran from the European Commission. Was so out saying that he he would support a -- shown when forced to those fun to come back to the markets. And for the full thing. I don't think that's going to be the case of the world and force who will continue to receive support and. As the ECB. Meets what what's the house and awaits house take arm on the whole Euro zone crisis now. Are we gonna have a tough few months. Yeah I think we are enough. The would have -- tricky draw it McKinley and yet we need to see some growth coming through that's with Paramount importance. But I think that all some concerns on their political risk we see. The -- implementation -- -- that with the fiscal packages. The political risk is still -- still related. Elections coming up through France at such Republican doesn't just. Does DC it does the -- the auctions today changed the picture for ABC -- so. Well I think the into the DC the is still there in the background. Is still has its programs open they could do more some people find -- book conditions to us and sufficiently. Didn't touch with a one of it could still look back to where that program again and also who they'll tell -- to the issue it is still openness yet by no means close. Purdue Arie thanks a -- that everyone. They're raised so investors taking -- at a special auction results to your first 300 off nearly 1% on the day dipping back below its fifty day moving average. And hitting a two month led by Euro dollar sinking to its lowest in 49. The single currency hit by Spain and the Fed minutes dampening hopes for more stimulus out of the US. For Leo walked -- child by the king is going public again London listed investment found justice holdings. We'll take a 29% stake for around one point four billion dollars in cash private equity group three G apple. Which took a repeat take two years ago is to retain 71%. All the chain. You can watch my -- -- news conference live on the inside a -- starting at around 130 London time. Join us weekdays and eleven GMT from market pulse every day I look at what's moving on line. I'm -- problems is ones.

Market Pulse: Spain under fire as investors shun bond sale

Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012 - 03:28

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