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Still cashing in? Hirst retrospective

Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012 - 02:32

April 4 - Damien Hirst, the world's richest living artist, doesn't miss a trick. As Amy Gardner reports, his retrospective at Tate Modern costs £14 to enter and includes gifts at £36,000.

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Damian has retrospective at the tape margin -- some of his most famous -- infamous flags including that shopping model hides. But the exhibition patrons amid falling prices and questions in critics about the value of his -- -- is the world's richest living artist. For the love of god in human skull covered an 8601. Diamonds is bodies of fifty million pounds. He might concede to being -- sappy but test -- back at criticism that his left is just type. -- and calling key in the factory in -- think you know as I think I think I use anything to get people's attention think the money something that does well you know and I think. You know I'm learning to respect -- because it's you know there's a big thing in the -- people who don't have it. You know instantly pick it up what what why can't people saying you know you -- only about money audio works only about getting attention -- -- and the basis and has nothing underneath you know me. His studio has been from pets Paul Potts is Andy Warhol's factory with its production line out -- His decision temporary assistance to paint his -- paintings was particularly controversial. It really amazes me that the kind of think comes today you know -- -- -- no way I could create the things I mean you're trying to make this reflection of the will be living. And in the world that we live in everything we're involvement is made by other people's I don't see how you can make a common. About the will be into the -- you know you have to go in the woods in pain is no way you cannot -- -- I remember PeopleSoft say it's me who has factories like a negative thing and you just think. Actually make amazing things that it is my dog for -- to know that make Ferrari's. Perhaps fittingly the Damian has grabbing the headlines wasn't academy peace instead it was nice and the tape Martin gifts out. At 76000. Pounds the plastic skull covered in house -- -- lost patent. Is considering pricey at the the most typical Stephen -- -- -- -- magnate smokes and prince. Tests prices peaked with his 2008 Sotheby's -- eats food inside my head for reference. Which raised more than a hundred million pounds on the same day that Lehman Brothers collapsed. Since then his -- has underperformed compared to the white a contemporary art markets. Even staging day's dizzying heights has sweat is not being -- for less than -- feds at the prices at least in 2000. The jury might still be out on the financial body of pesticides. But judging by the crowds it seems a fourteen pound and -- feet but still be a good investment. -- -- -- -- --

Still cashing in? Hirst retrospective

Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012 - 02:32

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