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U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures down, JPMorgan to be fined

Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012 - 02:08

April 4 - U.S. stock futures are lower after the latest Fed minutes indicated less chance of more monetary stimulus. Also, the CFTC will penalize JPMorgan over Lehman's demise, according to the NYT.

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Here's a recall this Wednesday US stock index futures according to a lower open Dow NASDAQ S&P 500 index futures off. -- 1% each stocks fell Tuesday after fed minutes from the last meeting indicated the Central Bank was less likely to engage in more monetary stimulus. European shares other tasks you with weaknesses in the service sector contributing to the law. Reports on the US services sector private sector hiring out this morning. JPMorgan reportedly expecting to settle a case involving actions related. The demise of Lehman brothers' New York Times and GP gamble paid twenty million dollar fine this the FTC which is planning to file. That's -- against it this week as -- DC expect them to use it over extending credit to Lehman for two years leading up its 2008 bankruptcy. During the financial crisis that regulators also sent to use JPMorgan have withholding -- -- customer funds for nearly two weeks. Rather than turning over to authorities. GE capital still putting GE at risk. Duties cutting -- rating on GE and its finance unit I want not it says there are still -- -- health risks associated with GE capital's funding model. Even though it has improved liquidity and capital levels since the financial crisis. Moody's says those risks spillover to the parent company shares of GE cluster break even over the past year underperforming. The broader -- at a whopper of a deal Burger King shares. -- -- trait again on NYSE after asking chain to return to the public market less than two years after being taken Friday. It comes as investors justice holdings. 29% stake against burger king and enterprise value eight billion dollars or twice. It's valuation when we tried it. And Mitt Romney moves closer to sealing the deal as the Republican presidential candidate that's former Massachusetts governor sweeping contests and Wisconsin. Maryland and Washington DC buried -- to -- -- -- in January 2013. Chief rival Rick Santorum vowing to stay in the race at least a few more weeks. That's my congress Wednesday I'm Jen Rogers this is writers there.

U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures down, JPMorgan to be fined

Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012 - 02:08

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