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Potential Olympic disease crisis has health officials on alert

Thursday, Apr 05, 2012 - 03:26

April 5 - Athletes aren't the only ones gearing up for the 2012 Olympic games in London. Health officials are warning the mass gathering of visitors from all over the world could produce ideal conditions for spreading infectious disease, and they're using technology to prepare for the possibilities. Joanne Nicholson reports.

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Felt good coming in -- millions command in the seventh. 2012 Olympics kicks off in July that's already that he could -- -- tourism season. While London will be this to -- -- of the out of whack at the other packets that be carrying with them when they arrive. Scientists film -- size of the Atlantic has -- -- the beaten to piece together information that could help prevent the spread of disease. -- mass gatherings like and then picks up ideal breeding grounds. He's been web based technology and take some -- teens from Canada the US and the UK and now able to bring together crucial information from around the -- And -- of minutes. Much faster than as a -- Professor John Brownstein is from one of the teams working on health not at all the medical school. In looking at transportation networks sales of tickets Friday variables to see what places most connected in London during the Olympics. Number team using health map technology. Where we're crawling the web looking for reports. Yet news in social media and also direct reporting. The what we collect that data that we make an assessment of whether -- potential there's potential for that pathogens have been get on and are planning an entry you want. Professor at Brownstein says -- lead to nations being connected to prevent -- scale pandemic like thirteen 1009 Swine Flu outbreak. Until now it hasn't been pieced together in a -- that can help doesn't -- the medical authorities act quickly enough here. Help them and everything it's the Canadian team led by professor come -- come from Toronto and -- -- -- and on tracking system Baez asked for a. Always stuck in the last three Olympic Games who wanted to get a sense of how these types of events change probable behaviors and we can anticipate. Where people are going to be coming from the London but the reality is until the actual time of the games. No one knows for sure exactly how many people are coming in from where. I'm so we looked -- back these 33 events and what we really found was that the increases in trouble fairly modest. More important than the number of -- con is the variety of countries from which travelers coming. In London the nongovernmental health protection agency it's focused on using the information from hospital in Toronto to get information out to the public. To Brian McCloskey is a direct to have health of the region. Those things like to continue fever which sounds like a nasty thing to have and does not have so much disease but the thing is that only spread by mosquitoes. And the country to cause that's where the mosquitoes in the case. Having their cases to conclude your favorite in the case is not a big problem we have to look -- an individual patient but they're not a risk to anybody else. To knowing that sort of thing kind of sounds mean we can avoid punishing the public face. While -- was -- to monitor outbreaks of measles months and other infections like because life. They say they'll be focusing on the country sending them and athletes and -- in and picked. It's not just what they went into the country. Being a Clinton event the best thing to say it's also about what is to take that head and when it's -- -- Jan Mickelson. Went to.

Potential Olympic disease crisis has health officials on alert

Thursday, Apr 05, 2012 - 03:26

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