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China shows off ancient baby mammoth

Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 - 01:22

April 10 - A 40,000-year-old baby woolly mammoth found in Russia arrives in Hong Kong for display. Kilmeny Duchardt reports.

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Lyuba is a baby mammoth, but she's 40,000-years-old. She was only one-month when she slipped and suffocated in a mud bank and then frozen during the Ice Age. The extinct specimen was discovered five years ago in Russia by a Siberian nomad, who turned her in to scientists after discovering how well she had been preserved. Russian museum curator Galina Karzanova described Lyuba's condition at an exhibit in Hong Kong. (SOUNDBITE) Galina Karzanova, curator, Shemanovsky Museum, saying (Russian): "Lyuba has a trunk and it's almost intact and this is the most fragile part of the mammoth, so she's very rare because she has the trunk. Also her ears are more or less still there. Her skin is intact which is very rare, and what is most important for scientists are her inner organs. Her intestines, her insides are more or less there." Using cutting edge technology, scientists have extracted the baby's organs in the hopes that it will reveal more information about the Earth's last Ice Age. Lyuba is currently touring major cities in Asia until 2013. Kilmeny Duchardt, Reuters.

China shows off ancient baby mammoth

Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 - 01:22

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