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Trading at Noon: DOJ takes on Apple; Google preview

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 - 03:44

April 11 - The U.S. government accuses Apple of conspiring to fix e-book prices & what to expect from Google ahead of earnings on Thursday.

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The apple is not shining right now -- the US government says the iPad creator conspired to fix prices with publishers. On. The government's antitrust agent says apple worked with some major publishers to limit retail price competition for digital books. The government said this morning it's saddled with three of the publishers. Hachette harpercollins and Simon and Schuster the government is expected to hold -- press conference around noon today and will proceed to litigate its case against apple. And publishers MacMillan and pain went right now apple shares are down just about one dollar and investors. They're -- for good news these days they get some from Google on Thursday expectations are for the company to be in line. But some worry if they mess on either revenue or profit margin the fat could be in for another post earnings -- The search giants stunned investors last quarter with you re -- miss this time around analysts are harboring. More realistic expectations are looking for adjusted earnings per share a nine dollars and 65 cents. The earnings aren't Google co-founder Larry page's first -- CEO. Investors will be eager to grade him so arguable shares are up five point 7% since he returned. One question -- answers. Aside from Motorola mobility what else will Google do but it's 44 billion dollar cash. Should look for good to continue that I'm going to obstacle aggressively -- or something. Some start ups and to increase its presence and in case basis that is looking to get into. So look for them to spend some of that what you see it it's probably nightly. And of course investors will be looking for any details on Google search ad reads which saw a decline last quarter. After I did the darkness US -- I'm thinking alight with the S&P trading above its fifty day average. Financials are leaning in -- higher at this hour there pops not one and a half percent we've got a Bank of America moving higher by over 3%. Crude futures are climbing as well after oil inventories in the US rose less than expected and gold. Pausing after its rally and moving up four straight days on prices are falling at the treasury prepares option not 21 billion of reopening -- now. Now for some stocks to watch what's gonna borders markets correspondent Brian with -- Shares of 2008 to 2010. Has also first record of 2011. The restatement comes on an ongoing review of the company's revenue recognition policies that the company says it hasn't found any instances of intentional wrongdoing. Another big -- today is travels he shares are soaring right magaziner more than 20% after sources told Reuters exclusively. That travel web site is planning to -- south. List of potential buyers could include Amazon and Google. And keep an eye on shares of Alcoa right now they are trading up more than 7%. You -- producer and earnings season with a bang reporting -- quarterly profit after suffering a loss last year. When Sarah -- about follow on offerings rather than you like he knows that are on Wall Street. But at FaceBook IPO inmate could be a game changer. Secondary stock offerings raised over 41 billion dollars in the first quarter or 82% of equity capital markets activity according to Thomson Reuters -- Some notables include Michael cores which launched eight billion dollar follow on three months after its immensely successful like -- and -- which held 8516. Million dollar secondary offering. 4 months after its public market debut later this year -- also expect Kendra -- again and HCA holdings to convert march. Follow on offerings. A suffocating and I'm Jen Rodgers is his writers.

Trading at Noon: DOJ takes on Apple; Google preview

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 - 03:44

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