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U.S. Day Ahead: Europe could haunt Dimon and JPMorgan

Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 - 02:02

April 12 - Investors shouldn't be worried about JPMorgan's first-quarter when it reports before the open, but concerns still linger over its long-term outlook, according to Reuters Breakingsviews' Antony Currie.

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We'll hear how loudly JPMorgan boss Jamie -- credit on the company's conference call. At 8:30 AM making giant kicks -- first quarter results for the financial sector before the open. Although they're set to be weaker than last year the stock is up about 10% since the bank jumped the gun on the Fed's stress tests and raised it's dividend. But -- -- is town as anti curry says he's concerned about long term profits. -- will be answered them pretty well in the court -- that are pretty good trading book and asks west some of the Jesus come three. I'm in the past couple weeks ready from the yet the middle of macho woods' recent global equities play IPOs. Secondly off exact kind of thing not the biggest money's been opened up back in the battle that goes the more trading debts and that's what people -- hoping to see that if Europe keeps being a problem. -- Also on the radar we've got first quarter results from Wells Fargo and -- also out before the -- -- defense family feud between hot and does escalates chairman Ben Bernanke positive in your speak about what caused the financial crisis in Athens that so far Bernanke has been sticking -- his guns that the economy is far from fully recovered. And is ready to pull the trigger on more stimulus if needed we'll also hear from New York fed president William Dudley at -- and and 2:15 PM. Dudley who falls in -- does clan will give his take on the economy. And defense found you lacking key inflation -- -- out in the morning. On the radar the Consumer Price Index and -- at 830 and the preliminary reading on consumer confidence from the Reuters University of Michigan index. At 955. Focus though is on CPI. IRS as the year on year rate should drop to two point 7% in March thanks to. Falling Nat gas prices. Finally watch out for key deal and the PE space that could move markets. Reuters simpler and Hellman and Friedman is exploring a sale of Alex partners. Potentially valuing it at over one billion dollars effort to sell their restructuring advisory firm are said to be. At an advanced age I'm Jen Rogers -- this writers.

U.S. Day Ahead: Europe could haunt Dimon and JPMorgan

Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 - 02:02

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