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U.S. Week Ahead: Ka-ching! Retail could boost Jobs Report

Friday, Apr 27, 2012 - 03:13

April 27 - With signs the recovery is losing steam, consumers could actually offer some comfort to Friday's Jobs Report, according to Reuters Economics Editor Stella Dawson.

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We saw the recovery is losing steam investors who wanna fast forward to Friday for the latest jobs report. So are the money is on that take up to 175000. From last month's disappointing reading. Focus will be on any signs of revisions to previous data especially in light of GDP slowing in the first quarter. But his economic editors Alan Dawson says consumers might turn the tables. A rising jobless claims over the past month -- the -- -- the outlook for the employment report. The manufacturing sector is writing and that could add about 20000. New jobs. But it's a huge service sector that really matters on that front. Retail sales a moderately good and we could pick up a few more jobs there often losses -- the prior month. Before that there will be key updates to manufacturing retail and services to digest on the radar I guess that vehicle sales the ADP private payrolls report. BI SM non manufacturing index and same store sales. Investors we'll hone in on the auto industry IRS says sales edged up for -- April to about fourteen point five million on an annual rate. The forecaster ads better credit availability of falling gas prices might boost the sector. Chesapeake Energy boss Aubrey McClendon is set to speak for the first time since Reuters broke the news. That he borrowed up to one point one billion dollars against his state and thousands of company wells. Let us face analysts on the call after Chesapeake reports on Tuesday. Results will be overshadowed by the news that sparked an informal inquiry by the SEC. We get an idea how badly low trading volumes hit results of NYSE Euronext. The big board owner reports before the bell on Monday in -- sexier earnings well off from a year ago. Reuters correspondent John cranks says the company is in the cross hairs after it's been outbid for -- Some shareholders are pretty. Angry with the company you have one shareholder at the recent annual meeting comparing. CEO of the company Tuesday captain of the Titanic based on the share price you house. One director was kicked off the board to for not being around enough last year during the failed merger and yet the majority of analysts. Basically pretty lackluster with the stock. As the pace of earnings continues unabated results will be dominated by -- Alpharma energy and finance a note. Five there -- on Comcast Time Warner and MasterCard visa. AIG and craft AIG is -- -- the former insurance giant has a high chance of beating estimates by thirteen cents. Some more bullish after the firms sold toxic assets and repurchased. Shares. Finally we get -- decided to upset with for voting members giving their take on the recovery throughout the week. The jobs we'll outweighs the hawks this time around with John Williams Dennis Lockhart and Daniel -- taking to the podium if -- Japanese -- argue against having boat race. Until the end of 2014. I'm Rhonda schaffler this is Reuters.

U.S. Week Ahead: Ka-ching! Retail could boost Jobs Report

Friday, Apr 27, 2012 - 03:13

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