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Disney undervalued by $10 a share: StarMine

Tuesday, May 08, 2012 - 01:22

May 8 - As Disney prepares to report first quarter earnings, Thomson Reuters Analyst Jharonne Martis says ''The Avengers'' will lift Disney earnings and stock higher to where it should be trading near $53 per share.

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Disney swap John Carter is set to show up -- a 120 million dollar black hole when the company reports its latest results. But that's not an adult sparkle of the magic kingdom according to exclusive -- -- data. Thomson Reuters analyst drug -- -- has been looking at at figures for us. So zero -- is dissing we'll actually have a better bottom line then it's the year ago some of the top -- storm might agree with that what's going on what's behind them. Like ESPN offering has definitely helped its cable operations. Additionally advertising has been significantly strong and that's that's been key in helping this news this out that its weaknesses. Right now for Disney there's this big hit adventures that everyone has already -- speak so obviously that's gonna show for the second quarter yes analysts are already bullish. And have been increasing their estimates over the last couple of days. Additionally Thomson Reuters -- expect the company to post fourth consecutive quarters of earnings growth. So is the stock undervalued and potentially could to start mine yet the stock should be trading ten dollars higher at about 53 dollars. The market is implying that company's growing at seven point 2%. And according to start my the company should be growing at nine point 5% over the next ten times writers and poster -- extra. I'm -- up there this is writers.

Disney undervalued by $10 a share: StarMine

Tuesday, May 08, 2012 - 01:22

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