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U.S. Day Ahead: Goldman's Blankfein looks secure

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 02:59

May 23 - Goldman Sachs' CEO Lloyd Blankfein looks like he's in a strong position coming into the firm's annual shareholder meeting, according to Reuters Breakingsviews Columnist Antony Currie.

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-- here angry faces that its annual meeting Packard's stock eight pounds and durable goods look Lindsay let's start with Goldman Sachs hot streeters expect to show up outside its meeting. I -- could make their way inside after buying shares. Testing levels appointments to the company's audit committee and deal with Oakland California it's costing the city millions of dollars a year. Investors will also -- CEO Lloyd Blankfein how long you plan to stay ahead of the bank. Reuters breaking news columnist Ann -- -- -- looking for a. He's actually looking stronger in the house for a while now love us because it's not on the front pages recently. -- moments losses and Facebook's whole flight he dominated. But he doesn't have a great deal of face of the ATM says the Salem -- that went down 35% in Austria. Any other issue is what he says will street protests that great -- -- The -- so what will sometimes. There are three other big shareholder meetings as well first up retiring McDonald's -- Skinner. -- the only hand the baton over to incoming CEO. Don Thompson and the companies get together Amazon investors who want to hear more about the future direction of that online retail giant and International Paper it will give an update on how much savings from its temple in and deal. Watch out pretty good Packard shares they resumed trading Thursday they're up after the close with HP announcing 27000. Job cuts. Meantime food retail results will pour in Thursday morning before the bell we're going to hear from hospital -- and Tiffany. -- heads the spotlight will be on durable goods at 8:30 AM. I apart says orders will likely eke out a gain of half a percent in April not much of a rebound considering last month's steep plunge. A fall in civilian aircraft orders likely to be a big drag. Initial jobless claims are also out at 830 and then just before nine we'll get a new piece of data to crunch. The market flash US manufacturing PMI. Which is meant to give an early indication of business conditions. And we could get more clues on the health of the recovery went to key officials speak. New York fed president William Dudley talks of the council on foreign relations at 1 PM last month he said it was too soon to say the economy was out of danger separately Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner speaks at 3 PM. He's giving graduates beach at Johns Hopkins university and here's a Reuters pictures that might make the papers. Who doesn't love sailors -- 25 annual fleet week kicks off naval vessels ranging from US amphibious assault ship. -- finish -- player are participating this year marking the bicentennial. Of the war of 1812 between heat that's. And the British empire. Those are images of the day follow us on Twitter writers and -- I've got this out there this is riders.

U.S. Day Ahead: Goldman's Blankfein looks secure

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 02:59

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