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Berlin's cyber start-ups get talent "factory" of their own

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 03:45

May 30 - Cheap rents and an abundance of international talent have attracted around 1,300 internet start-up companies to Berlin in the last 5 years. Now they have a new home in the city centre.

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Simon -- has a vision and Angel and -- invest that he's turning this to -- clearing in downtown Berlin. Into -- home for the German capital's growing community of high tech developers. In a few months time this cavernous rackspace. Should look more like this providing a base for as many as thirty cutting edge companies. The complex of full buildings is already oversubscribed. There's plenty of potential take us some thirteen hundred Internet start -- have been -- in the past five years. Generating -- 136. Million euros in funding last year alone. Sick companies by -- is uniquely placed to attract this -- talent. And if you look at the history of Palin in the way it's being to separate the different -- and occupied the different forces. It's it's always been international so also if you walk around town almost everybody speaks English. And today is thought of this. Read you know lies and really focus on a local markets and almost immediately internationally oriented. And I think Brennan has a very good at this here for that that's one thing. And the other thing is geographically I think -- a lot of space in the city and also for us to be able to do this in the center of the city and another and other cities this wouldn't be possible. I'm standing on a section of the old but I didn't rule which used to run through the tech factories backyards. The war was a fortification designed to keep it to cause of the city of -- Now this project aims to bring in new generation of entrepreneurs. Together. The first big Tenet signed up as sound out. Which began as a platform for these days to remakes and shed their tunes. And throwing around a hundred sound -- now brings together a social community. Looking for audio experiences spanning music. Ruled noise and the spoken wet. Something like -- at the sound -- Flickr with audio instead of pictures. Fifteen million registered users are on board yeah I'm meeting the web is the big buzz here. Sound that Swedish Skype founders could have stated and they took stock but chose instead to come to that end. The city's you know it's just full of on that suits like -- -- it took place right now own districts so much you know. Things that are being shaped and went like there's sort of a bit of a -- off slow like black -- situation in the wind like this a lot of new stuff popping up for all the time so. Some thoughts via this very much like pressing him with a live report to sort of -- all of -- not only electricity but some of the violent incidents while. Happily for the tech factories architects. All this unsightly cabling will go nearly all the computing will take place wirelessly and in the crowd. This being stocked up territory there's also a big focus on leisure facilities. Including the basketball court and swimming pool as well as a blast in rooftop auditorium. It gives you the chance to work with the people that might be your angels remind you advises that you meant to us in the future. I'm in in the start of the ecosystem it's very often that. People who are inside the sort of running their own sort of which is successful it would help other startup companies to grow their business and grow their ideas and help them bring them to market. One of the legacies of that lanes divided past is a plentiful supply of undeveloped real estate in prime locations like this. Rents around Hafez in Stockholm and about a fifth of the most expensive in London hotspots. It might just -- the factory the crucial competitive advantage. Davidson -- Reuters.

Berlin's cyber start-ups get talent "factory" of their own

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 03:45

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