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Air and water is music to the ears

Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 01:27

May 31 - The interactive Hydrocordion instrument is part of an exhibition at New York’s Eyebeam Art and Technology Center called ''Surface Tension: The Future of Water''. Tara Cleary reports.

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The Philharmonic it's not, but the Hydrocordion does make music. Co-creator Di Mainstone explains. And, as the name suggests, the Hydrocordion also uses water, which is pushed, accordion-like from a "water belly" into a pipe - and as the water level rises, so does the audio frequency. The instrument is all part of an exhibition in New York where art meets science and the theme is water. Mainstone says she hopes 'squeezicians' will think about the impacts of water scarcity while having fun. SOUNDBITE: Di Mainstone, Artist in residence, Queen Mary University of London and co-creator of the Hydrocordion, saying (English): "Hopefully if they kind of pause and think about the deeper meaning of it, that would be a job well done. But also, I think it's just really to get people together - it's supposed to be a social instrument that brings people together, asks them to collaborate and interact and make music." Other installations include a real-time representation of wave activity in the Pacific Ocean and a way to 'print' words using water. Visitors can rise to the occasion with impromptu Hydrocordion performances until August 11th. Tara Cleary, Reuters.

Air and water is music to the ears

Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 01:27

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