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U.S. Day Ahead: Market focus back on Greece

Monday, Jun 11, 2012 - 02:43

June 11 - European debt woes are set to give investors a sore head Tuesday and the IMF's Lagarde could expand on how Spain's bank bailout will be managed.

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US stocks and down sharply as the impact of the Spanish bailout fizzled just as it gets started in the morning investors gave a thumbs up to Brussels loaning Madrid 125. Billion dollars to support its banks. But he tells of the deal he -- the rally with more border is economics editor of forty Americas bill Schaumburg. Well what particular upset the market. I think those are growing realization as the morning -- -- -- the deal which is agree with you need fun instances -- that we -- was not gonna address the fundamental problems and not that anyone we've put it would. But that's the way that the deal will increase the -- the amount of debt that this -- government others. Did seem to upset some people. And is also strange sort of like mutual reliance through the Spanish government. And Spanish banks to influence and ask them borrow money and that the bank's internal fights -- that that has some people a little uneasy as well. Looking ahead to tomorrow. What big hurdle re expecting for Tuesday but there's nothing really on the it's in the slightest change the -- very much the markets a -- it's it remained quite anxious. An increase in the I think they're going to be focusing on the outcome of the Greek legends of the weekend which could be pretty significant. And sounds of the cubs' ability to remain in the heroes. I think bill. And the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde could -- Marty's house on house means bailout will be managed. He's speaking at an event in Washington at 10 AM according to EU officials the I -- not what -- be fully involved in monitoring program. Even though it's not contributing fines. We also get more reaction to the EU debt crisis from fed governor -- to rule so he's giving his take on shadow banking at 11:30 AM but could go off topic during -- session so far fed officials have welcomed the latest -- developments. There are stressing problems in Europe. Still present. And global threats to financial stability. Speed data -- not there watch out for US import prices at 830 AN. IFR -- says there are likely to -- by over 1% due to falling oil prices that would put it costs at their lowest level since October. We take the pulse of luxury retell when Michael -- reports before the bell. The fashion house has only began to seriously tackle overseas markets in the last couple of years. Expect to hear more are not how the eurozone crisis could affect its international expansion plan. And for more they had be sure to follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider. Also check out our TV channel add Reuters dot com slash writers TV I'm -- a mom that. -- --

U.S. Day Ahead: Market focus back on Greece

Monday, Jun 11, 2012 - 02:43

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