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3XSQ: Looks like Facebook over Yahoo

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 - 04:12

July 10 - Hulu Boss Jason Kilar reportedly being considered for Facebook post after passing on CEO job at Yahoo.

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Ahead more demand for who's boss and our power player with this -- The exit. Three Times Square this Tuesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Would you rather work Yahoo! or FaceBook. Jason to large CEO of online video service Hulu reportedly up for a senior post with the social network. The New York Post says Mark Zuckerberg as a fan and wants to bring him on board Clark took himself out of the running for the top job at Yahoo! last week. Google paying the price for privacy violations the Wall Street Journal says the FTC is close to find the company 22 point five million. It's the largest penalty against a single firm. The fine would be the result of the settlement over charges it bypass the privacy settings of customers using Apple's safari web browser. The move allowed it to monitor those users who had blocked such tracking who says the tracking was inadvertent and did not cause any harm to consumers. Feel if your boss told you you were being let go Barclays chairman telling the panel British lawmakers former CEO Bob Diamond was quote. Not in a good place after the conversation. And you think. Let's bring in our Jamie McKiver from London with more -- that's not the only bad news for diamond. Well I -- -- depends which way you you look at -- -- is a good news. Of course you wouldn't normally not you normally would have sympathy for someone who was -- -- that's -- I'm forced to give up some 90% of the salary and bonuses. He wasn't templates that I just say we're talking about ball diamond and the public may not be quite so sympathetic. He is going to walk away still with two million pounds. That's out daily digits. Has also ET tidings that operates under -- here in the UK. Let's not forget also he Ritz and although 100 million pounds during his time Barkley is unimaginable wealth. Of course money isn't everything even for global business titans. Most top egos the size of Canada. As you say in the vice chairman Marcus just said diamond was shot at when he learned he had no option. But to resign although one suspects we haven't quite seen that lost the ball diamond yet and the French leaders making a royal visit along the -- the queen. I'm interestingly here he will not be a company that by and and so what's up. Not because he speaks the queen's English although moving to that it's possible. But because she speaks the -- price as well I'm probably half friends is excellent. We knew it. -- Jamie. London thanks so much. -- card dashing in and Chris Humphries Heather Mills and Paul McCartney. We thought we were in for another juicy celebrity divorce battle. Tom Cruise goes and pulls a fast one literally by settling his split with Katie Holmes just two weeks. Tom Cruise through divorce terms making him our power player of the day. The custody of the couple's daughters are rumored to go to homes. With -- worth a reported 25 -- and his at a zero folks at 250 -- no word on how much crews will cough up. Looking to dodge pesky tabloid headlines cruise is already back to work on his next film aptly titled oblivion. And finally tax to Dervis look out here comes leg though. The Bronx Zoo filled with life size or shall we say apple sized depictions of zebras lions and monkeys and others. It's part of Lagos safari some of the sculptures made of more than 30000. Pieces and took more than 300 hours to make. That's twelve and a half days folks the goal of the safari is to educate young visitors the exhibit runs through September there. That's the latest from three times where this Tuesday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider. And check out our Leonard YouTube channel at Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV I'm Lisa Bernhard this is writers.

3XSQ: Looks like Facebook over Yahoo

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 - 04:12

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