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Europe Day Ahead: German inflation to stay steady

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 - 02:05

July 10 - The final reading for German inflation in June should show prices rising at 2% a year. Markets will scrutinise minutes which may show whether the U.S Federal Reserve is likely to loosen policy further.

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A measure of risk appetite returns as eurozone officials talked up the rescue deal for spot as banks. I'm now hopes that Germany's top court will -- he used mute permanent bailout funds. Looking ahead minutes I -- on Wednesday should give some clues on whether the fans there's likely to loosen policy for the especially in light of last week's sluggish in June employment reports. Fed policymakers and James Blunt speaking in London today said growth will remain weak for a long time. But played -- hopes the Central Bank will buy more bonds to hold on long sound borrowing costs. The final reading of German inflation in June is set to -- price is rising at a steady annual rate of 2%. The lack of price pressures in the Euro zone's problems economy may have been -- front so in the ECB's decision to cut interest rates last week. The US -- coming season -- full swing next week and we'll set a direction for stock markets and the thought caught up. World stocks have shaken off the global done some -- around three and a half percent so far this year. The slump in Europe is likely to hit the profits of many North American companies but paint pots of Barclays wealth -- stocks are still a good bye. Corporate picture it still looks very bright indeed corporate profitability continues to -- it. Balance sheets -- very healthy indeed. Memorable cast on US school -- balance sheets today. Who's ever been the case in history and given big explosion that was -- goal for profitability. In the past three years and the underperformance in terms of equity market valuations look very chief. Finally gave attention surrounding Europe's debt crisis up to one site as vice president Francois along to make UK prime minister David Cameron and one that. There was talk instead of bilateral economic cooperation specifically. In the energy sector. That's all from us or not it. There's more from inside out Reuters dot com to join us each weekday morning for -- was too -- a snapshot of the leads us world news market headlines on social media buzz. I'm Judy -- -- but this is --

Europe Day Ahead: German inflation to stay steady

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 - 02:05

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