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Breakingviews: Barclays' next step

Friday, Aug 10, 2012 - 03:29

Aug. 10 - David Walker's appointment as the new chairman of Barclays is the first good news for the bank in a while, says Reuters Breakingviews Assistant Editor Robert Cole.

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Buck stopping -- breaking news this morning while pointing you chairman David Walker looks like a big step in the right direction Robert called his may be -- to the right credentials. Yeah absolutely it's got it -- they're not things outside -- I think is that. Barclays -- desperate for short term solution and a very good shall some solution that they've they've got this guy has takes a little boxes really. You know he's got banking experience on the investment banking in the retail side. He's gold -- -- experience. You know he's done some work on remuneration. He would he's caught plugged in to the authorities. I. You know he's he's definitely. The right man for the job but I think that time -- -- -- vote when 72 years old. And whether about the series not think that he's stop apple whether you know actually ended but he would pit stop gap. Yeah I I haven't he is the same time I think that you know this is a man who's going to pretty -- -- -- and see he's first yes the -- Marcus the question how has his head hunting skills he took it was -- map packs a lot you know it instead -- attend and you could -- mr. -- -- the -- -- -- yeah yeah exactly and and that and that the message of everything else will play from -- original -- and -- told -- say the -- he's encouraged by the quality of the candidates for the C you know post that's -- we -- to these people. Condolences and has been thrown in -- in my office and have you ever heard anybody who's looking for a senior position. Sort of fan mail than that all the people who live up plug the -- I'm really close at all. Well yeah I don't really think that means anything until -- from you know they've started stopped of the job. And I think and one of the -- -- things about his apartment is big big kind. Rapidly. All of this from the moment you know the resignations took place through a full weeks ago that -- I just was not in the position to build on this and I think. I think the key here as it is this is this the start of a change upon -- is he gonna be able to reform culture because this is a lot of what this is brown. And clearly you know it is. Job is to -- -- -- music and that is his most most booming but you're from flowing very directly from that is a change of culture and and changes. Potential back to teach write about my even come and try and destructive rockets quite long long way down down down the track. And I think that as well as appointed chief executive the other key thing they want to have a real long look they up a poll. They go on and is available. And wonder -- the relatively clean sweep that are fresh start and -- is necessary as well I think that you know. Susan about placed I think we'll remember that you know. You -- front franchise isn't too it's got itself into some sticky situations but this is no apparent is on the verge of collapse these talks would you know he's got some good stuff. To two world in terms of the trading business but he's got some serious tools. 22 attacks this is a good stuff fought fought fought off please but but golf mainly due at the end of the story. All right Robert many thanks Robert -- for more lab breaking news that from the states that comes up and a few rounds twelve birdies in seventeen that'd -- ST. -- -- problems is sources.

Breakingviews: Barclays' next step

Friday, Aug 10, 2012 - 03:29

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