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Wealth Strategies: Nordstrom, shoe shops win back-to-school

Monday, Aug 20, 2012 - 03:31

Aug. 20 - Thomson Reuters retail analyst Jharonne Martis says that Nordstrom and shoe retailers like Foot Locker & Payless will notch sales wins this back-to-school season, while JC Penney is set to disappoint.

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I am sorry that lets you know summer is almost over that means all these kids have to go back to school and that's the point where retailers. Luckily so are. He's -- out money like they have in years past this season. Let's find out by asking how the writers analysts around -- -- the -- -- -- -- how this season look. Where did you hear our street -- Well you know back to school Saturday did not live up to it -- even traffic on sweater with not a process. A look at this summer is that you know unemployment is the highest. Since 1964. When The Beatles first performed that you and it will be bouncing agents are the more dependent on their parents fund their backs -- expensive. I'm not feeling upbeat about the economy right now so that means that we'll be left and overall. Well definitely weaker than last the hair and Nordstrom is still a favorite for the high end consumer. But now they took advantage of their anniversaries -- And there's no right now. The value of their money because they've already experienced have been affected by two recessions and wanna get the best deals but they're good at setting it down -- -- hit it. It's you Ecstasy that even I think favorite which is that means they have big business right now like I like at the other it back up I think. They put back that now that's really get it. Yes and then once they're in the stores they've put signs to entice teenagers to get in and this sounds like texting or signing up for the -- All right so let me ask you about another type retailer that footwear retailers because it's great -- And thinking back. And you don't have them not be that neon is huge right now the eighties are back. But the Olympics are also all over and teenagers can't wait to get their hands on their sports -- is the latest items. But locker is the favorite also painless isn't gonna bring gains through its bride's parents Collective Brands. I'm not really up back to school on Sunday but he stopped as well at those places that's really built with some cases -- that -- While trying to start my thought is 65% on that all right now dad and every now I have been very Smart and introducing a new strategy. Selling you've got -- like Smartphones and tablets which are very popular right now to play a lot of the game. So let's talk about not. You and I are getting in front of JC Penney at the Mac -- involved. We know that -- this pattern earnings and -- -- a little bit below expectations that you that was some. About nothing. What's happening now back to school that everything -- both sides right out front here. Well they're trying to do everything possible to -- to bring in parents under teenagers. They're even offering free haircuts but now analysts are not buying it there very. There -- some the company believes that they won't. And we'll take them. They will take more of forging the -- to come out of it. And they're not expect him on the third water even after that night that August that was right -- know them already locked the big -- -- their sports clients outs at Wal-Mart is expected to do a lot better. They moved away from their frequent this -- and then they don't do something about it soon. -- are on track to be the weakest performers are back to school and that -- water. But it's not always. Andy's here to watch an insider every day at 3 PM for more wealth strategies that I'm Rhonda schaffler is.

Wealth Strategies: Nordstrom, shoe shops win back-to-school

Monday, Aug 20, 2012 - 03:31

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