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Videographer's View: Bloodshed on South Africa's "Hill of Horror" - Rough Cuts

Thursday, Aug 23, 2012 - 04:10

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT - Covering a labor dispute forced Reuters videographer John “Dinky” Mkhize to draw on his years of war zone reporting experience in order to document the deadly moments that turned the platinum miners’ strike into a reminder of South Africa’s days of apartheid. Production by Natalie Armstrong.

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For me team into -- supposed to be making as a wage dispute it. Stenavich one must come letting things could've ended peacefully. I do you know since these guys have been campaign vehicle quite a few. Number of days you continue to investigate this has been to the defense it was really just. You know I'm not prepared to do what they were told by the police -- -- major visited there and listened to -- -- management. Oh yeah innocent by the willingness. If India refused to be descendant of police went to disown him. Then there was definitely touches what did. See you again does that look at what -- -- now. When this has nothing. They need to let this go. Most of this -- is letting me. Maybe hitting kids had been attempted to go. A -- to -- management -- suspected in the non -- In India in the mistakes. Panel has legs. Not affiliated with plans that. -- -- moving and have been impressed. And that could see -- to distance in the Hispanic inmates. By the previous question did to attend stepped in front moving in day you know to keep them in one position. And Afghanistan had me dancing to accuse us quiet thus has it been so is there as -- they -- photographers that it did. And immediately extended today so it group. Just saying and I mean we see these and other groups that it didn't you know in the end bloodshed and the -- the alien landing on it and pretended to police plan can say effective you know could clearly see them. Coming in in between it sees. Is in the blessing that I behind him though hasn't put this it you know a human being. And -- -- came to Vegas couldn't contain it from. And initially to have been dented after. Fifteen. Contests to face an intense pain and he's dead and what he's saying -- sent to -- did he says that -- -- Into tonight faces but I. Take some of -- it's. I think he infancy went to a smoking guns. And that they picked up and we'll pretend -- and some speaks. And then it just puts puts -- some of the people that didn't take them. Analysts -- some people that takes your attention back. We're skinny gentleman there and I've done it from the swim team just to take as to why you see it open and towards the punishment. I I definitely can take that day he only if it. You know did spend a positive attitude and maybe -- wouldn't have had this situation that things. It's tension between us and -- he's. This could have been avoided to do it seemed to insisted it. Going to zips. To see people in pain. Like this.

Videographer's View: Bloodshed on South Africa's "Hill of Horror" - Rough Cuts

Thursday, Aug 23, 2012 - 04:10

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