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U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures quiet ahead of Fed decision

Thursday, Sep 13, 2012 - 02:33

Sep 13 - U.S. stock futures are pointing to a slightly lower open as investors wait to see whether the U.S. Federal Reserve will announce a new round of stimulus.

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Announcement everyone's been waiting for yesterday. Here's -- morning call this Thursday Bernanke said appear ready to launch a third round of stimulus. When they make their announcement at 1230 today well signaling that a weak US economy may warrant ultra low interest rates for at least another three years. Most economists expect the Fed to commence another bond buying spree so that question is how much. Hi. In Q -- a defect was -- somewhere around 75 billion dollars in assets -- month. I'm in the maturity extension program or Operation Twist it's buying somewhere around forty between 45 to fifty billion of -- -- involves. Every month -- -- somewhere between those say would be a little bit of a benchmark. US stock futures pointing to a lower open this morning ahead of that big announcement. Sox are also falling further away from -- fourteen month high hit yesterday. Outlook for the dollar to other potential market numbers. Last week's first time claims for jobless benefits released at 8:30 AM economists are expecting a total of 370000. New filings. Also out at 830 days prices for August -- Reuters survey forecast of one point 1% rise. Now -- some stocks to watch keep eyes on apple. It's my -- didn't exactly wow but the stocks a lift in the premarket up about 2%. That merger between BAA assistants and European aeronautic defence and space which -- on the world's largest aerospace and defense company. Sending shares of both companies. On the move lower today that move comes as the company's spot we're freaking defense budgets. And it shares that -- falling in the premarket after Citigroup lowered its recommendation for the chipmaker. On its recent profit warning. Has Jon Corzine the with prosecutors investigating the collapse of MF global that's according to sources. The prosecution is close to wrapping up its probe and likely file criminal charges. A move that could wait for regulators to bring civil cases. This also has not yet been filed but vital that most likely will be. That's boarding call this Thursday it I'll let Twitter Reuters Insider for the latest headlines. And check out our writers TV at all writers dot com slash Reuters TV. I'm Rhonda schaffler this is Reuters.

U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures quiet ahead of Fed decision

Thursday, Sep 13, 2012 - 02:33

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