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U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures signal a continuing drop

Monday, Sep 17, 2012 - 02:36

Sep 18 - Stock futures dipped for a second day and oil also slipped to around $113 a barrel, extending the previous session's steep slide.

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Stop looking like they make continue to fall today and Romney's numbers may follow -- after that controversial video from mother Jones. Here's your morning call for Tuesday. US stock index futures are pointing to a slightly lower open on Wall Street today as concerns about Europe and weaker data from China pressure markets. European shares and the Euro slipped as investors turned their attention to slowing global growth. And that's about -- desire for an eight package. And anti Japan protests reignited across China escalating dispute over the leadership of some islands which has forced major Japanese brand name firms. To suspend business in China. Stocks not the only thing losing steam this week after the boost it got from the Fed. What else slip to around a 113 dollars a barrel extending the previous session's steep slide on concerns about slowing global growth. Tensions in the mideast and signs that Saudi Arabia is pumping high rates to dampen prices. Nymex crude also falling from the recent highs. And shares of Chevron are down slightly in the premarket. After some stocks to watch FedEx is expected to report a dip in quarterly profit. The company had already profit outlook for the first quarter saying weakness in the global economy was hurting demand for shipments. Dole Food company will sell to businesses to touch to court for one point seven billion in cash. To help the fruit producer paid down its debt and Advanced Micro Devices announced that CFO Thomas safer it was leaving the struggling computer chipmaker. Shares of falling 16% in the premarket. And with. You must mention apple shares of the iPhone creator rose an extended after market trading to touch 700 dollars per share for the first time. They're now at 700 at a buck in the premarket. Morgan Stanley gets mumbled as they plan to raise a new multi billion dollar global infrastructure fund. Reuters exclusively reporting that the vocal rule will limit how much of the investment bank's own capital can risk in the new fun. Much of the frustration of senior eggs exit Morgan Stanley infrastructure business. Who will have to make do with a smaller share of the fund's profits. And today we'll talk to the man who lent his name to the rule Paul folk are in an exclusive interview with Reuters TV. That's your morning call for Tuesday follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and check the latest headlines. At our borders YouTube channel at Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV I'm Lisa Bernhard this is Reuters.

U.S. Morning Call: Stock futures signal a continuing drop

Monday, Sep 17, 2012 - 02:36

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