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U.S. Day Ahead: Expect another tepid jobs report

Thursday, Oct 04, 2012 - 02:31

Oct 4 - IFR says we could see 130,000 jobs created in September - not enough to stop the unemployment rate from rising. Expect President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney to make some political hay from the stats.

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More pressure on President Obama up possible opportunities for governor Romney -- is -- -- is said to be dizzy and not putting it politely. 130000. Jobs the number of jobs economists say we could see when nonfarm payrolls come out in the morning are expert at IF -- it's barely enough to pull back unemployment. Which could take up to eight point 2%. And -- agree it would take about three years before job's -- back into their Greek financial crisis levels. A fact not lost on the -- We're likely to get another tepid jobs report tomorrow and that would likely keep the Fed on track to continue its asset purchase program. I think we would have to see something really dramatic something like a negative number number even below 50000. For the Fed to consider potentially ramping up the monthly pace of purchases it. Carries. -- that's primary dealers are predicting for the jobs report well. It's a pretty wide range bottom of the list is B and -- -- -- with 75000. Does political uncertainty in the US and abroad it's holding back hiring. At the hot hand is no more out with a 160000. Ain't that the -- business finances like access to loans -- make this situation last week. Speaking of the jobs report one of the few sectors got to be recession resilient. Alcohol industry Constellation Brands known for importing her -- the last report earnings before the bell analysts think -- Santa dropped about 30%. But not so much because Americans are laying off the good news. Has constellation suffering with an Australian and -- business as. Which they sold off this year. And markets will be on alert for any news about the possibility of a Spanish bailout when European leaders need -- on the sidelines of the summit in Malta. Spanish prime minister -- -- Italian prime minister and on T. And French president -- are expected to discuss financial issues in the Euro zone including planned to help -- handle its finances. Any headway on that thorny issue could push equities higher. And stay with insider and -- TV for more expert analysis on the big market movers. -- -- tributes to Apple's Steve Jobs on the anniversary of his death he. He died at the age -- 56. We will start to the right and all of the company he co founded a year after his passing from tech giant to attack -- and I. I've -- a mom this is greater.

U.S. Day Ahead: Expect another tepid jobs report

Thursday, Oct 04, 2012 - 02:31

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