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Europe Day Ahead: Inflation in focus

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 - 02:35

Oct. 15 - A look at Tuesday's key events including the latest inflation data, big name U.S. earnings and the 2nd U.S. presidential debate.

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This is -- look ahead and choose -- key events installation the main focus on the takes a -- in Europe as countries around the region. Released the latest numbers on how cost prices are rising here in the UK inflation expects to continue its downward trajectory. Economists expecting September CPI to come in at 2.2 percent to. Down from two and a half percent in August that would give the Bank of England more leeway to inject more cash into the fragile economy. In the eurozone final inflation dates are expected to confirm prices rising right two point 7% year on year. As human transport costs trying -- time. In Germany is that VW's monthly poll of economic sentiment expects to show -- picking up but remaining deep in negative territory. In the debt markets Spain set to auction twelve and eighteen month bills eurozone officials telling Reuters Spanish aid request could come next month. But a summit of European leaders this week isn't expected to shed any lines on Madrid's -- The US providing up much of choose day's main focus present the bomber and Republican Mitt Romney face off in the second to base. Obama's passive performance in the first 12 weeks ago has raised expectations for more firing council in New York. The present like you to pitch his economic mission focusing on tax breaks for the middle cost. And tax increases for the wealthy. Another big day for corporate earnings in the US tomorrow sees the senate Goldman Sachs Wall Street's largest pure investment bank. Expects to post a big return to profit compared with the year ago. Financial weekly Barron's said last month go Winchester rise at least 25%. In the next year. As capital markets and proof of a big names in QIT Bellwether IBM the world's largest chipmaker Intel health care products maker Johnson & Johnson. And the country -- company. Coming up on -- tomorrow radical shakeup of regulation must subject -- news making events I'll be chatting with FSA chief -- Wheatley. Another big weeks -- the regulation well what's your line from 9 AM on Reuters dot com. And the Reuters -- apostle. Finally gets well -- -- tomorrow marking the anniversary of the founding of the UN's food. And agricultural organization. This year's theme is agricultural cooperatives. Events will be taking place and at 150 countries around the world to highlight how colts can improve food security. And eradicate hunger that's on the -- to -- thing. I'm -- thrilled with his -- Yeah.

Europe Day Ahead: Inflation in focus

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 - 02:35

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