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U.S. Morning Call: Goldman beats earnings expectations

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 - 02:48

Oct 16 - Goldman Sachs reported third-quarter revenue that came in well above expectations at $8.35 billion, with earnings per common share of $2.85 and increases the quarterly dividend to $0.50.

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Investors awaiting earnings results from a bevy of bellwethers. Let's kick off your morning called earnings from Goldman Sachs just in. Third quarter revenue eight point 35 billion that's well over the forecast of seven point three billion. Earnings per share at 285. Well over the forecast. 212 per share and Goldman is trading slightly higher in the premarket. US stock index futures pointing to a higher open with investors pinning their hopes on some solid earnings. US CPI data out later today like showed that overall inflation pressures subsided in September. That would give the Fed were in to carry out the monetary stimulus plan in on bail last month. And at 9 PM eastern Americans will tune into the second presidential debate would take place at Hopkins university in Hempstead New York. The stakes are beyond high considering that polls show Romney erased Obama's lead following the first debate. A big -- for Enrique de Castro who went from Google exact last week to Yahoo!'s chief operating officer this week. An SEC filing shows that Castro will oversee Yahoo!'s global sales. Operations media and business development he will also be eligible for a whopping 58 million dollar pay package. The move is the latest by Yahoo! CEO -- mayor issued build a new team to -- the web company into shape. Okay she didn't notice she's back to work after taking two weeks off from maternity leave. We've got a bunch of companies gearing up for results this morning let's start with -- B and the good news quarterly profit is expected to rise the bad news the company had forecast a two billion dollar four -- it for the second half of the year. Next up Intel -- chip maker slashed its forecast for the third quarter due to slumping PC sales. The only thing it may -- its outlook would be depending windows dateline's. From techs to toys Mattel reported better than expected quarterly results this morning on strong sales of its Fisher Price and American Eagle products. And that's not it we've got a bunch of other household names reporting today including Johnson and Johnson and PNC financial Coke. And UnitedHealth already out. Now there's other stocks to watch this season may be to be -- starts now with Amazon. More than 50000 workers to meet holiday orders. Wal-Mart and target announced similar our plans last month. Also keep an -- and shares a copy change this morning Starbucks began selling its Newbury is an uproar. Which competes with green mountains accurate and -- espresso makers. That's your morning call for Tuesday follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and check out our orders YouTube channel. At Reuters dot com slash -- TV I'm Lisa Bernhard this is Reuters.

U.S. Morning Call: Goldman beats earnings expectations

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 - 02:48

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