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Economy 2012: Nestle banks on emerging markets for growth

Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 - 03:35

Oct. 18 - Nestle posted an 11% growth in sales in the first nine months, and CEO Paul Bulcke says he's looking to markets like China for the future growth.

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Nicely the world's biggest it company posted an 11% rise in sales in the first nine months of this year. CEO called all he wasn't Shanghai for the earnings announcement the companies first time out of China. I caught up with him after that -- outlook and China business strategy. I've been. Talking about momentum. And continual. And you know strengthen that's going forward -- a good to lead the fourth quarter is gonna be in line for bogey. I have seen so far. Which is healthy -- open and and and and continuing all over the world is developing -- much emerging -- to get a -- develop on -- So does this what the closest to two to go -- open questions of five to 6% according -- With much and what about food prices. What's your outlook for food prices going full year. But again you have to friends EF two damage to the underlying trend and the peaks. We'll pieces so is that last year do you have the peace can in this softening that's what you're talking you know in the second all of these years. But -- them I think -- -- government plummeting prices going up slightly over time. Which is actually miners are healthy healthy and with that. Pressure on your profits going forward. Well normally you see did do this improvement is based on creating value for the humans so we are. Creating arguments some -- two identical to values that's way -- articles from not from reducing costs the -- -- Said. It you know and large other life that conglomerates like. Kraft Kraft has spun off some of its top -- chocolate cookie -- division. Would nest we consider. Some. Where the margins aren't as strong as some of the other products and it's not as healthy. All businesses. Should have all the same dynamics the same numbers the same not all countries should have the same growth and that's the richness of of what you have and honestly which is that diversity in categories -- and makes. And we have that good -- graphic presence they don't dynamics and that adds up. And allows -- to say and an all together we can commit to a five to 6% growth and margin increased. There's something about this specific weakness of all he's got degrees and yet having them all together we've won backing of one global company. That uses its size and skills up to be able to invest in R&D. To have very efficient. Operations in America it's it's it's I do believe that it's equivalent -- that. So that's you know. That's you know. In China you've had several acquisitions. Right here this in -- as well as a sheet which YouTube. Will we see any billion dollar. Ran out of these acquisitions -- aren't. There can do is already close to a billion dollar round. And and -- -- is closing into that so we have. Billion right and so ready tennis of any sizable. Market in terms of China what's your sort of target for sale and helping the market today. Metro facility is really being then I mean people aren't all. -- implement -- country. So we are already sizable and noted. 35 in just trying to to criticize -- yet the same time if you see the potential. We have very optimistic that this could grow very very suspension.

Economy 2012: Nestle banks on emerging markets for growth

Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 - 03:35

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