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Europe Day Ahead: Euro earnings gloom deepens

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 - 02:33

Oct. 24 - Daimler, Renault, BASF and Credit Suisse are just a few of the European firms due to report earnings tomorrow, and analysts aren't expecting much cause for cheer.

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The new Dawkins in Europe as they slid on shows signs of reaching -- any -- -- -- -- -- -- against GM lineup missing possibly in days. -- -- -- huge state landings in Europe with -- make is once again taking the limelight I'm now warns and it this year operating profits. Would be down and it's in his eighties cause units analysts will be scouring tomorrow's numbness from the company for signs -- cost cutting program. It's paying off. Meanwhile Leno is full costs as he sales climb by 1% to just under ten billion euros. I still comfortably accent and French -- Peja. Space -- sales were down by over 8%. -- helped -- robust sales at its low cost -- Brian's. Let's just the tip of the ice bag today. The exact expected to report that earnings edged higher by -- presents join us tomorrow at 725. London time would be -- skiing chief executive. Hezbollah how badly and mental slid down as touching the world's largest chemical company. Credit Suisse also -- report net earnings they've seen off by 46%. To. Keep an eye out for us has some other names including -- -- AstraZeneca and WPP. Book tour to WPP -- -- in sorrow some -- -- at 750 London time. Meanwhile today's economic data so are you a dollar hit fresh -- below one -- -- -- but some economists say that's actually silver lining. What's remarkable isn't that the Euro was floundering under pressure Clinton because she showed strong what do you as the need to and we can. And it's an against the doors that you can strengthen him. At one point three sucked in many ways than what we've put the US and places his. He -- future what he considers them to pass a strong -- doing great in the armed. The days eight days or release comes on the UK where preliminary that quarter GDP numbers a do you office space -- president expect to -- this indicating robust jobs biggest. Economists are predicting it would tend to grow as well to carry it. Expansion of zero point 6% on the court is the full cost Al be it around from contraction and zero point 4% in the previous three months. Well that salt from last announcement join us every day at this time and again stories mastectomy -- I'm asking all blending. Is doing.

Europe Day Ahead: Euro earnings gloom deepens

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 - 02:33

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