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Sticker shock: Why end of health insurance copays could cost you - Money Clip

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 - 02:10

Healthcare insurance policies are moving toward coinsurance instead of the traditional copay model. Reuters Personal Finance Editor Lauren Young explains the difference and offers advice on how to manage this change and keep costs down. (October 25, 2012)

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Those days of walking into your doctor's office handing them insurance heart -- and when he box for the visit may soon be out for us. Yeah companies particularly big ones are moving away from -- days. To co insurance. Co -- -- tricky and it could be a lot more expensive. With insurance you're responsible for a portion of the bill. So here company's insurance plan covers 70%. You're up 30% have probably been and then paying a lot more for your health care but there are ways that help minimize the cost one way to keep costs in -- his stick employing companies do not like disgruntled employees at live -- -- -- offering more care coverage. -- offering more incentives like money in your flexible spending account. -- used for things like. That's or maybe even read this time I'm not -- classes my neighboring gym membership all the things that help you stay healthy. The new app cannot covers wellness visits so it's really important to go to the doctor but why -- there don't start complaining about chronic conditions because you might be charged. A regular office visit. To keep -- cost down you're gonna have to start paying much more attention to your belts. There's going to be lots of stuff coming from lots of different people on the numbers might not always match up. Ask your benefits department if you have something like health advocate. We'll help you sleep well lots of insurance -- -- it's obviously you have to pay your bills on time. The reason why it's important that you don't get hurt your credit score. And didn't have any problems covering some high out of pocket hot. Your benefits department Amy be able to provide a bridge for you to pay the bills -- everything gets sorted out. The economic reality and that health care is expensive and more companies are to be moving to coinsurance. And and experts say it. Really rare for companies to switch back okay. So you've got to get used to that. But hopefully it gets -- help you make that transition a little bit easier. -- -- --

Sticker shock: Why end of health insurance copays could cost you - Money Clip

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 - 02:10

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