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Saft Says: Bernanke successor will be Bernanke part two

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 - 02:15

Oct 24 - Reuters Columnist James Saft says it is likely Bernanke's successor will not change most Fed policies.

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I'm -- columnist -- sat. We have the preelection Federal Reserve meeting -- away and go -- to worry about the real issue. Not who's going to be president. -- that president will slot and Ben Bernanke spartans but when his term as Federal Reserve Chairman aren't that January. Wreckage -- -- been telling people he's. -- going to stand here and markets are understandably. -- First off the Fed is expected did little leaving rates on hold reiterated its commitment to buying forty -- among the more. You only change I saw in their statement that was important was an acknowledgment that growth and business investment in contrast how is -- Expect him to make a big splash just two weeks ahead in the election this is not at all. -- what are they going to do you and there are December meeting after the election my guess is. Pretty similar rates stay on hold reiterated that commitment keeping him near zero. But they can we will extend their buying of treasuries. Are. Did you anything else would be tantamount to tightening justice we're going into these negotiations are. Self. What's the skinny with who's going to replace burning. Yes -- that this is pro probably being a little bit too -- If Romney -- I would expect it's unlikely that he's going to appoint somebody who's very pro strong dollar John Taylor. I think would be chewed typical growth and he would see an excuse administration that's. The other people are going to be pretty similar to -- yeah. And if as the odds seem to be showing Obama wins we're really looking and another machine -- -- That's not to say necessarily that these policies are great will be successful. But rather that we're not looking at a step change Ed's going to be doing next year Margaret new administration. Or worse. It and that for me is probably two days the.

Saft Says: Bernanke successor will be Bernanke part two

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012 - 02:15

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