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Anatomy of a recovery: Rebuilding from Sandy devastation - Reuters Investigates

Thursday, Nov 08, 2012 - 03:41

Rockaway, Queens was one of the hardest hit areas from Hurricane Sandy. Government and private relief organizations have been criticized for their slow response, but grassroots and community-based groups were quick to mobilize and are leading recovery efforts.

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I've just completed. Not only the big -- of our team here. You -- -- from officers faulted the public process. But we also -- -- conference call with governors -- -- New York New Jersey we still have a long way to go to make sure that people get after it means to. -- felt moved back home. So that the staging points for -- it's been affected in the neighborhood. School. The day after Tuesday morning -- -- was weird being bullied at school. We have a non profit that we formed in -- -- rockaway beach surf club we've been doing. The -- grassroots stuff all summer long we have ninety dues paying members we have 600 members on FaceBook. So it's super easy for us to get the word out as long as we had displaced -- we -- Use it as a home. Started on the first day of just passing out whenever we kind of went -- had. And talk to me -- -- giant pot of coffee and since then it's ground we have an entire additional house for intake. Everything's organized we're doing our best to get things back and forth. We are running -- an -- doing everything I'm -- And I hit my last -- favors water. Sending people out to deliver -- -- but can this team has feelings. For me for getting up from me I'm voting. For anything. -- -- -- His credit to me about -- storm. Preparations that had to send us we'll see you very tall buildings -- other people that don't have. An -- I'm doing everything. We aren't. Connecting with other movies -- has done what he's up nearly. -- -- -- -- And church and they think they happen to look I'm not -- we aren't isn't Sutherland airing back -- what he. -- -- We put that list every day went. This action. The materials and power to order information. Then in the browser as -- That is life. I mean it's nice here. Not fear what. -- -- -- it calls for drastic registers people logged on a lot of crazy things that -- people being killed and -- really -- Rodriguez Robb's army. Use that deal would -- we ought to do what a lot of places to get --

Anatomy of a recovery: Rebuilding from Sandy devastation - Reuters Investigates

Thursday, Nov 08, 2012 - 03:41

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