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Europe Day Ahead: Greek debt deal looks elusive

Monday, Nov 12, 2012 - 02:19

Nov. 12 - A Greek debt deal looks elusive, Hollande faces a grilling and general strikes take hold in Spain and Portugal - Europe's day ahead

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Greece goes for a fresh austerity but will that be enough to unlock fresh page Athens. -- finance ministers gather in Brussels but Germany says there's still a lot of work been done before more payments are approved. Along the deadline for meeting deficit targets may be the most Athens can hope for. Book Credit Agricole analyst itemized as the real obstacle to a deal is Japanese fear of setting a precedent for the Euro -- other struggling us. Any debt maturity extension would ease the pressure on Greece and of course great text bias however that also represents what I would call. Thursday. A signal to other you're paying countries that they could also have their tendencies and I think that's really what your group and this particular Gemini. I'm trying to avoid these constant if you would like kicking the can down the road. A finance ministers set to focus on banking union proposals tomorrow and agreement that could prove equally elusive. The talks come as Europe's -- mounting signs of fatigue with austerity. General strikes you to take place in Spain and Portugal tomorrow. Meanwhile French president profile launch may face tough questioning when he holds a red general news conference tomorrow. Plans to turn around the economy and meet deficit targets likely to come under scrutiny as a -- grapples with slumping approval ratings. What Germany's latest is a DW number as the key data point to look out for I think could be a mixed picture. Current conditions -- getting worse according to economists polled by Reuters by the forward looking economic sentiment index -- at least get less fat. Inflation numbers from around Europe also -- the UK figures particularly closely watched as the Bank of England weighs up whether to do further quantitative easing. And the door to more QE may open a little wider with consumer and retail price rises expect to moderate on the month. Another busy day for European -- these numbers from Vodafone and Vivendi. Credit Suisse analysts predicting that the friendship media conglomerate we'll see adjusted net income jumped by 12%. They're also betting on a -- at five back in the coming months. Well at all from us -- now but join Reuters every day at this time for a look ahead of the -- sentiment markets. I'm Nigel Stephenson -- differences.

Europe Day Ahead: Greek debt deal looks elusive

Monday, Nov 12, 2012 - 02:19

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