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TAKE 120: Searching for Returns - Why Google Still Tops Yahoo

Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 - 02:35

Nov. 12 - Wells Fargo's Walter Price says analysts aren't giving Google enough credit for growth in its mobile and video businesses and says the stock holds more opportunity than rival internet giant Yahoo.

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A 120 seconds that's how -- -- price has to tell me why he'd buy Google over adopt. In this week take one flooding. Well let's talk numbers first how valuation stack up Google Earth. Off to a valuations and all that much to. The book about fifty homes were. We'll valuations one. So business model that -- like that. Like Google because it's the growth one of those. Another -- these two areas of mobile video. -- -- very much and I think they're gonna do great. But it at -- Well mobile revenues were. Right now they do a lot less for what equipment do traditional search -- So that the transition to look for sponsors realize the mobile court to -- probably more valuable than just awkward because of some welcome news for us. What flat. Opposite. I think this transition to mobile with a problem. Those people were looking for. A lot more video content I don't really have a lot of it is. Sports. The works. But they. See you a lot of headlines is it possible that he brings something to the table -- might change -- mind. Well hopefully she brings something. Some of them sports bowl in building relationships were were Yahoo! could be relevant future otherwise look. Reporter Margaret with. Examples that. But. Electrical. Like -- I think he's doing a good job of focusing the company. Cutting the products would go excellence and focusing on the promise -- What's the revenue outlook going forward and what thank you authors gonna have a hard time going more than 1% Google's vote. It's an important. Is -- over about. I don't think so I think Google -- -- a -- and Laura lucrative and it's hurtful. The clubs bats while the prices take one funny I'm Rhonda schaffler is that right.

TAKE 120: Searching for Returns - Why Google Still Tops Yahoo

Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 - 02:35

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