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Greek delay revives debt crisis fears

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 - 02:04

Nov.13 - Greece's international lenders have agreed to give the country another two years to make the cuts demanded of it, but the euro zone and the IMF have clashed over Athens' longer-term targets for shrinking its debt pile. Joanna Partridge reports

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More time, but no money yet. International lenders have agreed to give Greece two more years to make cuts and hit budget targets. But the extra time means finding an extra 33 billion euros. And Greece still hasn't received its latest aid instalment as lenders can't agree on how to make its debts sustainable long term. The euro zone is willing to give Greece until 2022 to lower its debt to GDP ratio but the IMF wants to stick to a 2020 deadline. SOUNDBITE: HEAD OF INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, CHRISTINE LAGARDE, SAYING (English): "All avenues in order to reduce debt on Greece are being explored, will continue being explored in the coming days and this is clearly the appropriate route to take in order to make sure that the sustainability of Greek debt can be certain." Greeks are disappointed by the lack of bailout funds. They feel they've done their bit - enduring cuts and high unemployment during five years of recession. And the delay is worrying investors, particular ones in Germany. SOUNDBITE: Robert Halver, Head of Capital Market Analysis at Baader Bank, saying (German): "Taxpayers will have to cough up the bill if the Greeks get another two years. Those 32 billion will be partly financed by German taxpayers too. We are absolutely convinced that in two years, there will be another two year extension and then another. The only option is a radical haircut and a euro exit but politicians don't want that because it looks like it will hurt too much." Michael Leister from Commerzbank says politicians need to face up to the fact Greece needs more money. SOUNDBITE: Michael Leister, Senior Rates Strategist, Commerzbank, saying (English): "We know pretty much what has to be achieved in the end, i.e. giving or providing Greece with more money, but how we get there is actually quite a difficult question and as we've heard before, the IMF and EU are very much at odds and this is unnerving the market ." There are fears the euro zone debt crisis may flare up again due to a lack of firm action. Euro zone finance ministers will meet again next week to try and nail a deal.

Greek delay revives debt crisis fears

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 - 02:04

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