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Top four smart money surprises for the third quarter

Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 - 03:11

Nov 15 - Reuters Hedge Fund Correspondent Katya Wachtel outlines the top buys from the superstars of Wall Street through their 13F filings.

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It's that time again when the superstars the Wall Street tell us where they place their bets in the third quarter. You're the top things to know with Reuters hedge fund corresponding cut Cuba. What -- your FaceBook. Grabbing a lot of attention despite poor earnings yet FaceBook reportedly horrible earnings in the second call that the stock went down. 32%. Hedge -- decided outright buying opportunities -- are a lot of hedge funds pile into it again including. Tied it -- which I hedge -- feted by veteran invested doing Robinson's father. Viking global it's fun we also saw the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which has -- ten billion dollar down. They also -- -- that was the FaceBook rally this week as the lock up expiration exactly it's obviously they've had some images transit timing well. I think it looks like he's his fund managers are also excited about another tech -- Yeah yeah offers like FaceBook has kind of had some ups and downs on the stock market recently. Obviously lots Korda they have huge I recruited or some guy from Google to run company. I was obviously appealing to some investors like David Simon crane my people will stop -- life at that point he's been one of the things. Biggest indexes also increased its holding well we'll cut to last quarter was JPMorgan -- financial darling. Who is that this time. It was Citigroup we've become candidates still active banks there Citigroup rose almost 20% during that call now. And obviously he had -- -- decided. This is the back and we wanna get into anything so far get into it mall -- -- believe -- -- -- capital and also -- seekers stopped the thing about financials and you know volatile mock news. It is usually liquidity that hedge fund manages one side. We need to and we maybe need to get out the stock -- things going around in financials provide. A pretty good way to data capture earlier mentioned green light capital's David Einhorn. He's being challenged this time. Yes well we know he's -- credibly vocal about some official like green mountain coffee Estes. But it doesn't mean it'll hedge fund managers will fall in on to the outside you have tied it -- management not the Ty Cobb. Fat -- green mountain's stock. And TPG accent which is -- I didn't Agassi also brokering -- document that we'll look at the current course stocks and falling as investors harvest their. Capital gains amid the fiscal cliff. What's your sense as to how hedge fund managers are positioning. Has -- manages that I speak to very cautious fade. Believe that a deal will be gone in the media. And it went rates horrible epic proportions of the debt ceiling debate. But there worried. That. A lot of then made a lot of money credit to seeing which securities in high yield bonds. And they made. Be getting in and that they keeping things right and I wanted to give away I mean that's the plane -- thanks. Our thanks to Reuters hedge fund correspondent -- but I'm Fred Katayama this is.

Top four smart money surprises for the third quarter

Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 - 03:11

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