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Europe Day Ahead: Greece quick fix?

Monday, Nov 19, 2012 - 02:46

Nov. 19 - Greek debt set to be the sticking point when euro zone finance minister's meet. The IMF wants a sustainable solution for Greece while euro zone finance ministers eye a short term fix.

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Here's a look ahead of Tuesday's key events Greece takes center stage again as eurozone finance ministers meet to rush -- deal. Approving its next tranche of aid and a plan to keep the country's solvency the -- once a sustainable solution. While Euro zone policy makers including the ECB's your -- -- them. But looking at a short term fix the IMF also means European creditors will have to Sega has on -- Greek loans -- Germany says this would be illegal. Earlier we all start your bank's senior economist -- you know like. What he thought it would come out of the talks which I'm asked chief Christian my god will also attend. This message from from these -- being. Would tell me that yes what we are heading -- this week is probably an agreement that would keep Greece out of on trouble for the next year or so. Before getting to what would be. Real solutions the country which is a dean. Involvement -- the official sector. Which would involve actually probably a massive rescheduling of the -- known to Greece but I would not expect this. Biffle the federal elections in Germany in September of. Next. On the -- front we're expecting German prisoners of prices choose state economists polled by -- -- -- prices -- costs to rise by a tenth of 1% in October. Down from free tents in September of the year on year figure expects to remain unchanged. A one point 7% -- -- become -- flash Q3 GDP numbers showing economic growth is slowing. And in the US state summation groundbreaking. On new US homes fell to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 840000. Units. From 872000. In Asia we have a right decision from the Bank of Japan no changing spectators and the bank should hold off on any further stimulus until December. -- 2013. As it considers the policies of Japan's next government Japan's prime minister has dissolved parliament for an election on December 16. Which has ruling party is expected to -- -- The leader of the main opposition party actions -- object seen as the next prime minister. -- -- for negative real rates and raising the country's inflation targets trying get the economy going again. Think corporate news commodities trading -- court sent to all but clinch its thirty billion dollar takeover of -- strong -- Shareholders in both companies will vote on the deal in Switzerland on choose stay men European competition regulators decide Thursday. Whether or not to allow the deal to get through will begin along for a group. What generals have full year results from easy jets. That's -- I had to choose -- -- -- is much.

Europe Day Ahead: Greece quick fix?

Monday, Nov 19, 2012 - 02:46

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