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TAKE 120: VF Corp. Wins the Race Against Nike

Monday, Nov 19, 2012 - 02:34

Nov. 19 - Blackrock's David Cassese says VF Corp., maker of The North Face and Timberland brands, has big growth opportunities in China, while competitor Nike faces rising inventories and increased competition.

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Let's put a 120 seconds on the clock that's how much time -- Does that have to convince me that the F -- better by the Nike. It -- please take -- flooding. David what happened the F. Corporation everyone knows Nike why the F. My degree global brand -- F -- that's -- people who ran it nor is it going man oh victory portfolio brand and much earlier on. Them. What does that mean earlier on where's the grow up. Both gonna come from Asia China specifically thing in the world -- Will point percent Greenberg for multiple years in China ninety minute I suffer along on a great job there 23 billion dollar sales -- -- -- Yep so this some expectations the last quarter. Reporter -- yet but they can they raised guidance for years read it and point 0%. I think people a little disappointed that we thoughtful downing wrote in Europe. I don't think that's the surprising thing here on the session and almost every company. Here though doesn't work. What concerns about -- To be concerned about 91 he's. In Giant Eagle and there's lots of inventories right now there's a lot of competitive product on the market a lot of -- Well priced athletic apparel. And like that in view that that -- more pressure -- -- another -- -- you -- of that pressure. The second one is products lately -- -- for -- -- one for the past few years from strong like product cycle. I am nervous that we're nearing the end of I think the last orders a sign that the future. Orders for peaceful now a little bit like you know a couple of points that. Too nervous overall that anybody -- it's a business might struggle with what's happening on consumer spending tracks on that property. I -- to be careful I think the risk for everybody. Via luckily I think that it very early on an international growth strategies that are gaining care. The opening new doors as opposed to same store sales -- will -- it -- and it economy. Though we think -- -- windows only for -- it's pretty strong. We saw big divergence in the stock at -- -- and Nike last couple months does that continuing 2013. And it doesn't mean anything yet in fact you. There's going to be again and. Both of earnings and dividend on the -- yet more work through the growth market for crude inventory. And that is David confesses take what is funny odd VF corporation vs night I brought this up there this is Reuters.

TAKE 120: VF Corp. Wins the Race Against Nike

Monday, Nov 19, 2012 - 02:34

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