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U.S. Morning Call: Black Friday is here! Shoppers flock

Friday, Nov 23, 2012 - 03:11

Nov 23 - Black Friday shoppers around the U.S. flock to retailers as they take advantage of bargains.

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Here's your morning -- Black Friday US stock futures point that slightly. I hear open trading volumes likely remain weak with markets close early at 1 PM. Shopping the name of the game today so let's take a look at retail index. It's not 27%. This year and it best hope holiday sales will help retail stocks capped a strong year. The National Retail Federation forecast of four point 1% rise in sales for the holiday period. Down but -- point 6% increase seen in 2011. This pretty high in US retailers are at their annual. In November and December. As for the Thanksgiving weekend and -- and our -- expects 147. Million Americans to shop. Between today and Sunday that's down from 152. Billion last year. Number reflects the fact that they worried about high unemployment at possible tax hikes and spending cuts for next year. European shares edging up at the moment after a strong week as investors await news deal -- agrees. Earlier today stocks -- bump after the release of Germany's index. Business sense in the country -- for the first time in seven months and a -- putting Europe's powerhouse on track for strong growth again next year. ECB had Mario Rockies words adding the optimism. It is speech and Frankfurt today. Rockies the central bank's new bond buying plan has helped -- return to the region. That's improvement from his pessimistic outlook this summer. Re still in the dog -- those and it of course warn the government will likely mean this -- public deficit target next year. But their ratings agency confirmed the country's long rating -- doubly loss. Stocks were a lot of short and trading start Research in Motion. -- are more than 14% in the premarket after an Atlantic Canada's national bank financial upped its price target three dollars to fifteen. The beleaguered Blackberry maker got a boost earlier this week when it Jefferies analyst raised its rating and price target on the stock as well. Analysts betting on a surge operates from our customers to the new Blackberry and it's not actually unless -- winning streak. Wall in the spotlight and not because Black Friday that -- science arm in India suspend its chief financial officer. And other employees at that investigates alleged violations of US anti bribery laws. This scrutiny. It to India's efforts to open its domestic supermarket sector to foreign investment. Idly General Motors the automaker's financing arm agreed to pay about four point two billion dollars for the European and Latin American auto lending operations of ally and so. That's all your morning call for Friday check out our YouTube channel Reuters dot com slash writers. Also follow up on Twitter writers and -- I'm -- this is right.

U.S. Morning Call: Black Friday is here! Shoppers flock

Friday, Nov 23, 2012 - 03:11

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