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Europe Day Ahead: Osborne faces the music

Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012 - 01:46

Dec. 4 - Attention turns to London as finance minister George Osborne gives us his Autumn Statement. Leaks suggest he will press for more austerity even as debt targets look set to be missed.

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Europe's finance ministers find cause for optimism -- Spain says it'll take money for its banks Portugal heads for another round of funding. And Greece's bond -- lift spirits bots -- Franco German -- on banking union. Is that goes to the streets. -- -- London tomorrow when chancellor George Osbourne is -- give us -- or some financial statement. The betting is that he may have to abandon plans to reduce deaths as a percentage of GDP by 2015. Leaks today suggest Osborne may or else government departments find an extra one billion pounds and spending cuts. Any money saved likely to be diverted to spending on schools transport and science Osbourne gets more food for thought tomorrow with services PMI numbers -- house. The full cost is for a rise but analysts are on alert for -- surprised. Off to today -- slumping construction PMI figures third quarter trading numbers from Tesco also said shed more lines. On the stage of UK consumer is off to today's weaker than expected retail sales services and composite PMI numbers also -- in the eurozone. No relief expected bad with a one indexes full cost to hold well below the fifty point level. Retail sales numbers for the region or senator sent to show a fresh decline in October. A big week for Central Bank policy meetings also Judy get underway with the -- policy committee Judy gallery in London rates and a bond buying for -- to stay on hold according to economists polled by full costs. The act committee's verdict that you Thursday as side is the latest decision from the ECB. The Fed takes its -- next week. That is all from astronaut joined Roy is every day this time Burnett ahead of the stories -- to -- the market. I'm Max -- is just the.

Europe Day Ahead: Osborne faces the music

Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012 - 01:46

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