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Breakingviews: EADS ownership overhaul fail

Thursday, Dec 06, 2012 - 04:19

Dec. 6 - EADS is still a long way from the kind of reform that would prevent unwarranted government meddling in its operations, says Breakingviews.

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I show voting at all for. -- joining us to discuss your pets have -- you know song. You know I think it's giving the company as much freedom as it can happen. Maybe it's unrealistic. To expect that they could have done that but reform goes in the right direction I think commanders that. Company's CEO has done good jobs snatching a little victory from the jaws of defeat which was the big. Industrial merger that didn't happen with BA you remember because of -- in a position. At the time that the consensus that -- of course it's no one knows that the companies too complicated company too much commitment from government. The shareholder pact that doesn't make any sense mixing private. Show respect like out from France diameter. In Germany with a -- fate of the Spanish but it. This doesn't mean an end to government mentally because. No eating I mean you just let uncle giving the defense is being used very limited government making of these open as a shareholder in the civilian part of the company. There retained -- say in the military defense business of course that's as it should be. And that promise that place that was not the love it when you won't have anything to write some investment decisions -- investments -- I need to slopes of the shareholder pact allowing private children's like out there and I am not to -- -- -- -- on the market would fall to -- itself. But Germany has has -- its way. It's stories narcotics way because the German state the German state owned bank with paces diameter determined. And both of them France and Germany reduce this takes over so it's it's a good sign. Again puts the the company and that on the much sounder footing than it was before but it's not the end of it and those. Merger we've BA you couldn't happen today just -- it -- for -- it's because I thought I -- with the anacostia and lost position. And and I I also elicits a resident yet in this whole. Game. If -- on the -- that it is there a sense that once again Germany has said look we -- prepared to play but it's going to be ought to. And yeah I mean but I'm comfortable but clearly that's something to that. I think and this has been very good job since he took over. In getting rid of all the political mentioning that the political considerations. Within the company without any. All of that open government intervention. Within the company up you know. I know which jobs go where where should we have the headquarters. Where it shouldn't be located. Well what are we gonna being -- the wings of that playing in the you know what whatever -- the cockpit and the seats whatever -- did you do that it it. This is over I mean he said very clearly that decisions on you know. Inducted into certain decisions will be taken on their merit and not because of political consideration I think he's pretty critical. Again doesn't prevent government between the 12%. Stake in the company you forget about the fourth of us have. From all the meddling in -- had some intervention in places when the company would be ultimately -- We argued that we haven't for a long time it -- needs. Real ship orders not. Governments on one type of kidnapping and industrial shareholders. Whose only intention of the last two years was O stated intention was to -- that's takes how can you have. The chairman of the company used to be on the -- -- university I mean Dobson took him non critical. How could he be both the chairman of the company and think I want to -- it -- -- in the -- that I got this taken company -- Couldn't sentences. Hopefully with -- a thing of the past. -- -- yet many things that -- canceled. The -- is heading into what's our US Britain you show every day trough out east and 1730. GMT. I'm axle problem sources.

Breakingviews: EADS ownership overhaul fail

Thursday, Dec 06, 2012 - 04:19

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