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3XSQ: Jump in jobs, unemployment drops

Friday, Dec 07, 2012 - 03:52

Dec 7 - Employment grew faster than expected in November as the hit from superstorm Sandy on payrolls was less forceful than many feared.

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I had a jump in jobs and a fall in unemployment and lighting up -- Later in the -- Other different Times -- this Friday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Our daily digit -- 146000. Gain in nonfarm payrolls in November more than 50% higher at an estimate. He unemployment rate falling to seven point 7% from seven point 9%. That's the lowest since December 2008. The drop was because people about the search for work not particularly great sign the economy. The Labor Department saying hurricanes and he did not substantially impact the jobs data for November. S&P 500 stock index futures shooting up as the report was released at 8:30 this morning checking -- stocks early trading now again we've got a few. -- across the board. Something on FaceBook where you might get hot water with your boss well flicks at the bus and self made his social media folk pop. At least according to the FCC. Netflix received a wells notice or oppose it by CEO Reed Hastings in July. In which he boasted that the streaming service had exceeded one billion monthly viewing hours. Regulators say Netflix may have run afoul of public disclosure rule. Which require a more well public disclosure as in a press release are regulatory filing. Casings countered by saying his face the post which potentially reach more than 200000 users was public enough. In you're a bombshell from Berlin and the strongest economy on the continent showing significant cracks. Our act. On it actually just what Europe does not need at this point. Yet at that that's is that Iran is a -- you know we -- talking about recession and Jeremy then things really must be back. German German Central Bank doing just that this morning. The bank has said it expects further just four tenths of a percent makes it. That's instead of one point 6% for -- back in -- so that is a drop of 13 courses. Not pretty it's all remember the -- revision comes just today. Off to the EC below its own full cost the next yet. It is a familiar refrain now police -- German companies cutting back on investment and hiring. Right now. I industrial road -- it down the auto industry this is that -- be association for the auto industry in Germany said earlier this week cost salespeople that second lowest level in almost twenty years next to it. I've given the crisis so as as a -- -- getting slowly that's release of a fundamental side in the US. And indeed in China Europe still looks pretty bad. Well -- okay well thanks for have -- -- in London. And finally things -- examining eurozone but not in Leon France. Things bubbling and lining up as the city's annual light festival political at a local building a giant exploding magic -- kicked -- the Ford festival. As thousands of visitors watch that displays pretty cool. Organizers say there are 66 different light stretching across the city with sounds and those who read a fax. That's the latest -- Times Square this Friday you can follow us on Twitter actually inside there and check out our way -- teaching -- cannot -- -- dot com. Slash writers TV. I'm Lisa -- this is --

3XSQ: Jump in jobs, unemployment drops

Friday, Dec 07, 2012 - 03:52

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