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Friday, Dec 07, 2012 - 04:30

Dec. 7 - Agenda-setting financial insight from Reuters global commentary unit Breakingviews.

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So better late than never Starbucks discovers this tax paying conscience off to battling depression in the UK joining us to discusses several -- bring music I'm. It people what is present -- promote another that's Starbucks. Peace but you removing this story normally profits from. They decided they don't protect million pounds a year for the next he has. Ecevit's would nominate to -- tax rates if you -- The question I have how troubling. Signal is this brother picked up. Incredibly troubling signal I mean you know it's it's a very important story and a console suit colleague Tom bug you for starting this softening said another. -- on the -- tax money we have breaking news you know I mean from breaking news about -- dramatic one. Okay but what -- the point that we're trying to make which seems to be in this is that this sort of crosses -- -- columns. Moves over a threshold or awards show that really quiet it is significant importance. Because it. Seems to be suggesting that the court of public opinion in the -- a perhaps elsewhere in the world as well. How spread through the media -- spread through some example politicians are now saying that come east. How to pay a responsible. Respectful. Right to tax them enough credit and the argument without told. -- wall constitutes. IPad and reasonable. Right to tax cuts to Doug -- companies have said well you know well will -- by the lol you know critical -- -- vaccine out. Doesn't lead was at which -- -- of -- reduce our tax bill because that's kind of second night -- Well I'll place finish at but what about the -- it will go to the Laura to -- woods. What's quite clear there is absolutely from the start this debate this story nobody has suggested that stop talks has broken a single model this well. They've still got the appropriate and they still go public against it there is a threat to the boycott and now Kostis will be volunteer its own right to taxpayer and the point I'm trying to make him and what we're trying to make here is that at that point it doesn't. Become just about stop books and it becomes about every corporation probably from the biggest multinational -- the smallest partnerships and -- home. My accounts and below the -- policies says I -- -- -- attacks. My accountants has not -- by wide right attacked but I actually I think invite to a three times that. Otherwise some time on got to get taken to the cleanest. Then it becomes you know the V that that the whole issue becomes not something for you know -- had an accountable for the corporate interests are expensive so what. What happens now I mean this is short lease on the -- -- -- need -- to get to grips with -- they need to be leading the charge. They need to be laying down very clear. Rules critical parts of. Absolutely and that seems to be -- should have happened from the work with. United -- yeah baby -- -- nonstop often HM Aussie. That's that's what I. Don't want to understand actually perhaps it's just that right slow remarkable that ought to and is just. Finding out why he's always filling these loopholes one it seems actually. I've developed a precisely that certain style boxes squirming. As they do that that and eventually. That the guy in keepers will catch up up with the it would with the punches but it seems to think that united these past these opening. Into -- much much bigger bite and it becomes you know that it is quite quite significant if suddenly tax becomes something that one notes -- volunteers. -- I found out of them. I think absolutely. That's a -- something some very clear guidance given perhaps by the HM Aussie to say look at -- you know well as an analyst he can do as the rules it's it's. A huge kind of ones and files on board of any company bagels mold a prescription and very very down 02. Okay Robert many thanks Matt -- cove breaking news more generous heading inside what's our US show that comes on every day twelve birdies in 1730 GMT. I'm -- of trouble as is rice's.

Reuters Breakingviews

Friday, Dec 07, 2012 - 04:30

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