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Attorney: How a Maryland teen met terrorists

Saturday, Dec 08, 2012 - 04:27

Jeffrey M. Lindy, defense attorney for Mohammed Khalid, recounts how his client became radicalized online. Produced by Andrew Lampard; edited by Will Croxton (December 08, 2012)

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Anything in you know finding these horrible videos and posted that as -- stuff. It's not -- But. You know being in communication with a woman Hussein if -- a communication with the jihadist over in Europe. And she's gonna go kill somebody in the name. You know in -- national Jihad. And then. You know engaging in any concrete acts. We've seen in a package from her. Knowing what's inside holding it and then in -- future communication. From her or someone else in Europe sending this back -- her once she's traveled to Europe and that package you know is gonna help or perpetrate the crime. Whether or not the crime every perpetrated whether or not that cartoonist is ever killed for his opposes it blasphemy. Mohammed. That. Group that's pro life so first of all he's the youngest. So called terrorists. Ever indicted. In the United States from a media perspective that's what makes this this you know big case right. Yeah all the other stuff. Yet for for me what makes -- in the case is that you have a juvenile. So you have a eight kids. Yet having you know a young man with juvenile line. Who has other emotional factors at work their other disorders that he struck -- that. Made it very easy for him to lose himself in the world of the Internet. And he participates. Ian. If it. That would otherwise be protected. By the First Amendment. I wish that all the players in the world like these people than not about -- it and ignored. Here at stupid plan to go get this. This cartoonist right now it. Take that way for second FBI. You know trying to ferret out possible terrorist you know monitor extremist -- -- nothing wrong with that. But. Our kid gets into these extremist chat sites. And starting -- in the polemics and starts to. Get accepted in this you know. Clan destined. You know really. Off the reservation. You know group of extremists. Who were talking about international Jean van -- -- And who are celebrating 9/11 -- celebrating a -- and laws in the fourth on the money was was was was was killed. You know. And that's how it comes up on the screen particularly as computer well beyond that they take -- that the family moved. They -- religiously. And Sampson. You know any religious leader then. Realizes his outlook report for. Realizes that these you know engaging with these fanatics and the the wealthy who was like the local priest the local rabbi at the local reverend here he is -- the both the for their community. And the most students spent months. Working with him almost couldn't reach him on. You know that the troop deaths. Of Mohammed is aunts or -- and we'll look -- island on the Internet and able to that was very interesting a look at the process. Look look what year you know look with -- as Jack -- is because. Look what those knuckle heads on the Internet telling you looked truly accurate in the he starts to heat our client which is what you do with a -- Educated on you know I don't know who -- talking to a I don't know what -- -- on and -- he's an olds old world even know what it jets' latest now you know. All I know is that you're talking as some people. Who -- wrong evidently it. Why there. Wrong in this actually had a profound impact it didn't. It didn't totally do the job because you know there's -- there's a function for psychiatry in this world. And you know that's where would have been nice had been able to milk the old -- with the new world on the penalties the other thing is it --

Attorney: How a Maryland teen met terrorists

Saturday, Dec 08, 2012 - 04:27

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